Netflix and its evolution in theaters: will it release its films in theaters?

When in 2019 Netflix acquired the small but flirty Paris room in Manhattan, seen by many as ironic. The streaming giant was relaunching from its ashes a 70-year-old cinema that had recently closed. Just a year ago, already in the midst of a pandemic, Netflix did the same with another legendary theater this time in Hollywood, the Egyptian Theater.

What was Netflix doing acquiring small movie theaters? Then it was seen as a way to safely have their own screens in which to make sure that their films could even make a symbolic premiere in order to comply with the rules that demanded awards such as the Oscars, but now the bet is very different.

“Have you seen the latest Netflix movie at the cinema?”

Army of the dead, Zack Snyder’s hooligan zombie movie starring Dave Bautista, just debuted on the platform, but earlier, though not too successful at the box office, It was the biggest theatrical release in the streaming giant’s history.

Cinemark, the third-largest chain in the United States, reached an agreement with Netflix in more than 250 of its theaters since May 14, a week before the film is available online.

Army of the dead

The film also premiered on a handful of regional networks to reach a total of 600 theaters, something never seen in a Los Gatos production, which has also reached international cinemas such as Spain.