Netflix: 8 tricks to choose series and movies more quickly

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If before television chose for us and told us what to watch and when, now it is the viewer who has the right to choose. The problem is, there are so many options and it can take an hour or more to decide what to watch. This is a need that streaming platforms are trying to solve and, little by little, are introducing new features and new features so that subscribers spend less time playing a title on Netflix.

From there, Infobae has compiled 8 tips for you to watch Netflix movies and series without wasting so much time searching among so many offers on the platform.

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14/08/2020 Logo de Netflix

1. Manually edit the Continue watching option

This option will be useful to you, as you can edit the titles of the Keep watching option and thus delete what you are no longer interested in, so that Netflix will never remind you. It will also help you find what you want to keep watching faster, which is really a huge bonus.

Keep watching on Netflix. (photo:
Keep watching on Netflix. (photo:

From the website or with the latest version of the Netflix app, simply hover over the carousel (list of options) in question from the website, and then hover over the row title.

On the mobile device, touch Menu and you will see what options you have. Select Remove from row.

Another option is to remove the titles from Watch History so that they are also removed from Keep Watching.

2. Use the My List function

It is one of the classics, but the best way to have everything that matters to you so that it does not fall into oblivion. While you are looking for the new movie you will see, or simply because the platform recommends it through different carousels, it is common for you to find the movies that you are interested in seeing, but at this point you cannot start. Add them to your list without fail.

My List feature on Netflix. (photo: Xataka)
My List feature on Netflix. (photo: Xataka)

This list is the first one to visit when you don’t know what to watch and are looking for a new movie or series for a certain time. You will be amazed at the things you have forgotten.

3. Apply filter to make the content more accurate

Netflix content is divided into categories, but the organization can be very general. You may want to see a comedy, but from the last decade. Or otherwise. Maybe you like 90s action movies for the whole family.

Netflix. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo/File Photo
REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo/File Photo

You can apply all of these filters to get results closer to what you want. For now, it seems like it’s only available on the mobile app.

To use it, simply log into your Netflix session. On the cover, at the bottom, there is a button that says ‘Filter’. This is where you can customize what you want to see the most.

4. Filter movies and series by actor or director

As in the previous point, you can filter your search by the director or actor that you like the most. That way, you will not only update the options that the platform gives you for each option, but you could even find titles that you did not know and end up liking.


It’s easy to do so: locate the icon of the search magnifying glass and type the term you want to search for.

5. Change the speed of what you are watching

If we are talking about watching series and movies without taking so long, the trick that cannot be ignored is to change the display speed.

Speed ​​on Netflix. (photo:
Speed ​​on Netflix. (photo:

While viewing content, touch the screen to bring up the controls. In the lower left it has a speed. Touch it and choose the speed you want.

6. Discover the hidden genres

Netflix’s catalog is endless, full of movies and series that you are not particularly interested in and the ones you probably want to watch are hidden away. You’ve probably wondered more than once how to jump straight into the genre you love. Well, there is a quick option, but it’s only worth seeing if you look at it from your computer.

There are codes that you can add to Netflix links that take you directly to specific categories that you might not otherwise be able to find. To the following URL, you need to add a numeric control to the end depending on the genre you want to watch.

Hidden genres on Netflix. (photo: Tomatazos)
Hidden genres on Netflix. (photo: Tomatazos)

They are quite a lot, but here is a list of the most interesting ones:

– Animation for adults (11881)

-Features about ferocious bugs (6895)

– Classic Foreign Movies (32473)

– Dramas about show business (5012)

– Travel and adventure documentaries (1159)

– Anime Contents (7424)

7. Use the ‘Personalized Recommendations’ option

If there is someone who knows it very well in terms of tastes in series and movies, it is the algorithm of the streaming platform.

Trust in this option of Personalized Recommendations and enjoy an entertaining session without thinking too much.

Personalized recommendations on Netflix. (photo: Xataka)
Personalized recommendations on Netflix. (photo: Xataka)

It also has “Because you saw …”. There they compile a list of series and movies that you may like because you have seen similar content before.

8. Activate ‘self-downloads’

Netflix has activated an “automatic download” mode. If you activate it, every time you go to the download section of the mobile application, you will find a new series or movie ready to consume, without having to spend hours deciding what to watch.

Download series and movies on Netflix. (photo: Xataka Android)
Download series and movies on Netflix. (photo: Xataka Android)

To activate it, first go to the section “downloads” of the application.

Then click “Automatic downloads” and let the app start adding products without interruption.

Choose the space you allocate to each of your accounts and enjoy unexpected discoveries.


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Netflix: 8 tricks to choose series and movies more quickly