Netflix: 3 RELEASES to see the weekend that you cannot miss; the end of a series is coming

During the last weeks, users of the platform of Netflix they have been more aware of series and movie premieres during this month of September.

In this sense, we have prepared a selection of various series and films hosted on the streaming giant, which are part of this month’s premieres, which are full of strong emotions, and that you can enjoy with your loved ones this weekend.

Then you we show said selection of productions cinematographic and in serie:


“Clickbait,” an Australian-American drama miniseries, which was created by Tony Ayres and Christian White; Brad Anderson, Emma Freeman, Ben Young and Laura Besley They are the directors of the episodes full of strong emotions.

This series was launched in 2021 on the streaming giant, and has now become popular among the thousands of subscribers to that platform, which explores security issues.

“Clickbait” is a series that follows the story about the kidnapping of Nick Brewer accompanied by a perverse cybernetic twist, which generates hundreds of doubts on the part of those close to him, who decide to find out more about who is behind this fact, as well as what triggered and motivated to do so.

In addition, the production seeks to explore and present the dangers that exist in social networks in the current digital age, where more and more people join and at the same time, move away from the life real.


Lucifer was released in 2016 thanks to FOXHowever, at the end of the first three seasons, the producer wanted to cancel the story starring the Welshman Tom Ellis and the American Lauren German, because the audience levels were not what was expected, but uncle Netflix arrived and rescued the series to make it a success, a “King Midas”.

It is in such a way that it was possible to reach the 5 season (section b) and the 6 installment is eagerly awaited, it is to remember that this second part of the fifth season should be the last, however, the story of the “most angel dear of God, “he took a turn and now a new one has been confirmed.

In this sense, Tom Ellis has revealed that the final installment of the acclaimed series will hit the platform on September 10; This serial production follows the story of Lucifer, who fed up with hell decides to abandon his throne in the underworld to go to Los Angeles to live new adventures where he will work as a detective for homicides.

Another round

“Another Round”, which was on the billboard in various independent cinemas in Mexico, and now reaches the streaming giant, Netflix, for all moviegoers; this production won the Oscar Award for Best Foreign Film.

This 2020 Danish drama film was directed by Thomas Vinterberg, from a script he did with Tobías Lindholm.

This film production is starring Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Magnus Millang and Lars Ranthe; had a world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 12, 2020, and was subsequently released in Denmark in September 2020 by Nordisk Film, thus generating a selection for the Academy Awards for Best International Film.

Another round follows the lives of professors Martín, Tommy, Peter and Nicolás, who are fellow friends in a school in Copenhagen; The four main characters are constantly struggling with unmotivated students who feel that their lives are very boring and that they do not have a rumbo permanent.

However, one of them, Martin, is depressed after experiencing severe problems in his marriage, from what he hears at said party, he convinces him to do so and decides to drink at work.

Everything changes as soon as this group decides to also join Martín, seeking to generate a new experience and test the theory discard Ruth as an experiment in your life and put aside the everyday life.

Beyond the party

“Beyond the party”, which follows a story full of funny details, but also a drama based on reality, especially regarding the use of drugs and alcohol mixed with what supernatural.

This youthful feature film tells us the story of Cassie, a 20-year-old who lives in San Diego and works organizing parties.

Cassie decides to celebrate her birthday party, which will last for a week and which she named as Cassie-Palooza.

Throughout history, we are introduced to the life of the young woman next to her best friend since childhood, and now her roommate, Lisa, a character played by Midori Francis, who is a paleontologist and works at the San Diego City Museum of Natural History.

Lisa tells Cassie that it would be a better idea to celebrate the two quietly at home, however, the young woman decides to carry out her birthday celebration in a nightclub where everything will become complicated after leaving said place where it begins in a nightclub. talk about their differences in facing current situations.

However, neither of the two friends imagines that this fight would be the last because they will never see each other again, because when returning home after drinking a few drinks, the young woman goes to the bathroom and has an accident that causes her to hit. head in the toilet dying instantly.

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