Neither ‘The Godfather’ nor ‘Parasites’: This is the best movie of all time right now and you can watch it for free at home

The list of one of the social networks most used by moviegoers has placed this war drama from the 80s in number one position.

Moviegoers around the world tap into the opinions of other moviegoers to find different recommendations. Over time, the social network letterboxd it has become the best resource for sharing reactions and opinions about movies.

This platform also carries out lists with the information provided by its users and in that of the best 250 films there is one that has slipped into the number one position, surpassing other great titles such as parasites, The Godfather, Harakiri Y Or Self Gives Pity. And his coronation occurred last weekend.

The movie that is now the best of all time according to Letterboxd is Come and see (Massacre). It is a 1986 Soviet film directed by Elem Klimov that had a theatrical re-release in 2021.

The film’s story, set during World War II, follows a 13-year-old boy named Flyora Gaishun who leaves his small village in Belarus during the German invasion to join the ranks of the soviet partisans. To achieve this, he must pay a high price and embark on a journey that will change him forever.

This multiverse movie is the best of all time according to moviegoers and it’s not from Marvel

The Letterboxd list is carried out with the ratings of all moviegoers on the platform. For a long time, The Godfather by Francis Ford Coppola was in first place, but then came parasites of Bong Joon-ho to snatch the position.

In the middle of this year, Everything at once everywhere by Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan was at number one for a short period of time. Come and see (Massacre) is the fourth film since the existence of this Letterboxd list to get the first position.

If you want to see Come and see (Massacre) you’re lucky. Russian film company mosfilm has uploaded it to Youtube so free and you can enjoy it in its original version with English subtitles. Another option is filmingsince the title is part of its catalogue.

On these lines, do not miss the trailer of Come and see (Massacre).

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Neither ‘The Godfather’ nor ‘Parasites’: This is the best movie of all time right now and you can watch it for free at home