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Neill Blomkamp premiere Sector 9 – 90% with great success. The plot and the possibilities of a sequel made the director one of the most striking figures of that time and everyone wanted to work with him. Unfortunately, his next projects did not live up to the demands. For instance, Elysium – 67% had to Matt Damon to the front and although the film is not bad, it was perceived as not very original. Then came Chappie – 33%, starring Hugh Jackman, which certainly looked like something very different and special, but which did not convince either the audience or the specialized critics with a story that did not define its moments of seriousness and comedy well.

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Despite these significant setbacks, Blomkamp’s followers were, and still are, sure that all he needs is one more sci-fi shot. The best thing is that it was not long before the director had a foot in one of the great franchises of cinema. Ridley Scott has been trying for years to give a new air to the saga that began with Alien – The Eighth Passenger – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos97%. After many sequels and exhausting the audience, Scott came up with an idea to move on with this universe. Prometheus – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos73% was well received by the experts, but the fans did not want philosophical matters, they wanted the famous Xenomorfo in action. This is how he was born Alien: Covenant – 69%, a poor sequel that failed to successfully cover all the proposed themes.

However, we are far from seeing the end of the franchise of Alien. Years ago, some sketches were released that the director of Sector 9 had worked for Alien 5, where would i return Sigourney Weaver as the protagonist. Fans couldn’t be more excited and any news about it caught their attention. Unfortunately, the new installment was finally canceled. Many wonder why, with some saying that the purchase of Disney, which was seen coming for a long time, ended up changing any plan on the saga.

Own Neill Blomkamp has his theory about it. During a recent interview with The Guardian, the director shared his thoughts:

It’s possible Ridley saw Chappie and said, “This guy can’t do Alien,” so let’s just forget about it and move on.

Blomkamp has not really spoken badly of his own work, but he did clarify a long time ago that he felt a lot of pressure when doing ChappieWell, I had too many expectations to meet. In the end, the film did not turn out as he expected and that caused him to take his time to go back to work on something entirely original and of his own.

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In the same interview, the director was asked if there is a possibility of speaking with Scott to settle their differences and perhaps find a new way to bring the sequel to life. However, Blomkamp doesn’t think that’s possible, and he wasn’t very interested either:

No, no, no, there’s no way back from that. I’m not going to work on a treadmill for two years and then have the carpet pulled under my feet and then go hang out and drink. This is exactly why I don’t want to rework an idea that is owned by someone else.

In addition, Blomkamp spoke about his position on the cancellation and the interest of Sigourney Weaver For his job:

I also felt bad for Sigourney because she was really involved in what I brought. I think the audience who loved Aliens; there was an opportunity to make one more film with Sigourney in a way that we were able to satisfy what people expected and what I expected … What doesn’t make sense is that I feel like it was what the public wanted, and it’s strange because Fox I would never turn down money.

Alien 5 It is not the only project that fell apart for the director. There was a time when he was in charge of adapting Halo, famous video game that has tried to reach the big screen for years. He also worked on a sequel to RoboCop – 49% which was finally canceled. Blomkamp seems to have learned the hard way that it is better to stick with his projects in order to ensure control rather than submit to the wishes and limitations of others. Will soon release Demonic, a horror film that looks quite promising, and is already working on District 10, the long-awaited sequel to Sector 9 which he delayed for trying to get involved in other franchises.

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