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Corridos tumbados have been part of the Mexican music industry for several years now, reaching many other parts of the world, generating both negative reviews and a strong sense of belonging among consumers. Natanael Cano, only 22 years old, has become one of the greatest exponents of the genre in the country, accumulating millions of followers and reproductions. With the rise of this type of corrido, President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador is not indifferent and has devoted himself to issuing some comments in his morning; Cano finally answers.

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Born Hermosillo, Sonora, Spout has become a prominent figure in the genre of corridos tumados. He began his musical career in 2017 and quickly gained popularity thanks to his innovative and fresh style, combining traditional elements of the genre with other influences. His music, characterized by realistic and direct lyrics, has especially resonated with young audiences. He has released several successful albums and singles, collaborating with well-known artists in the music sphere. Nathanael He has managed to conquer the music scene with his talent and originality, establishing himself as one of the most influential figures in the lying down corrido genre. In addition to her career in music, Nathanael Cano He is also famous for his foray into television with the HBO Max series VGLY, in which he plays the main antagonist. It premiered on May 25 and features performances by Benny Emmanuel, Juan Daniel Garcia Treviño and Dario Yazbek Bernal.

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In recent weeks, AMLO has dedicated himself to addressing the corridos lying down in the morning. During a session, the Mexican president spoke about the reach of these compositions in the culture, noting that corridos paint “a world in pink, when drug use destroys.” For the above, Nathanael was questioned on the matter by The universal, responding that he would be willing to do a performance for him: “I told him that I was doing it for free for him, and there the conversation stopped”; He argued that regarding the issues he said “that is what he had to live and that he does not mind talking about it.” Among other statements, AMLO mentioned the following:

And also if they want them to continue listening to everything. Forbidden to prohibit, nothing more than a lot of care, a lot of eye. We are not going to remain silent when they say that the studs are good and that they have a 50-caliber weapon and that their idols are the most famous drug traffickers and that type of corridos with those letters. […] No cool music, nor advanced, nor rebellious. No, that is not happiness. (In the industry) they must be promoting it (this genre), and they should not be prohibited, but they should guide young people.

Corridos tumbados are a musical genre of regional Mexican music that combines elements of the traditional corrido with influences from trap and rap. They are characterized by their lyrics that tell stories of violence, drug trafficking and love, generally with a defiant and street tone. The instrumentation includes acoustic and electric guitars, as well as urban rhythms and electronic elements, creating a unique fusion that reflects the reality and experiences of contemporary youth in Mexico.

The subject of lying corridos and drug trafficking in Mexico is delicate and controversial. Lying down corridos have gained fame by telling stories of violence, crime and drug trafficking. These songs reflect a complex and painful reality in which drug trafficking has left a deep mark on Mexican society. Although some critics argue that this type of music glorifies violence and normalizes criminal activities, others consider that corridos lying down are a form of artistic expression that reflects the harsh reality and experiences of a part of the youth in Mexico. It is important to approach this issue sensitively and understand the social, cultural, and ethical implications surrounding this form of music and its relationship to drug trafficking in Mexico.

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Natanael Cano, star of VGLY, responds to AMLO’s comments about lying down corridos | tomatoes