Narcos against zombies? Amazon Announces Soldiers or Zombies, Mexican Series of the Living Dead | Tomatazos

We’ve said it before and we do it again: zombies lend themselves to all kinds of genres and stories. These undead creatures have been a fascination of film and television since the inception of motion pictures and there’s no reason not to take advantage of it, particularly when you’re a streaming platform on the budget like Prime Video. However, the new combo involves his fight against drug traffickers, or rather one, in the next show SOZ Soldiers or zombies.

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What is the matter about? A capo named Alonso Marroquí escapes from a Mexican jail to hide in the desert. Across the northern border, an American military experiment goes awry and the Mexican special forces group behind the protagonist is infected and turned into the undead with superhuman abilities. It is here that the criminal, as well as the army, must find a way to survive while hunting each other in Soldiers or zombies.

The show stars the Spanish actor Sergio Peris-Mencheta and also has the interpreters Fatima Molina Y Horacio Garcia Rojas. In the direction we have the horror filmmaker Rigoberto Castañeda, responsible of KM 31: Kilometer 31 – 27%, as well as Diablero – 55%, another show about supernatural creatures original from Netflix and national production. You can already get an idea of ​​what kind of tone we can expect from this new production, although it sounds like it will have a lot of action elements too.

As fascinating as the undead are, zombies are no longer as prominent as they once were. The most recent releases we have seen about these creatures are perhaps The army of the dead – 78%, from the popular Zack Snyder, and the sequel Zombie Station 2: Peninsula – 80%, the expected second part of the South Korean Zombie Station: Train to Busan – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos95% which dominated the Asian box office last year and can now be found on Netflix.

The real challenge of SOZ Soldiers or zombies It will be careful not to treat lightly an issue as sensitive for Mexico as drug-related violence. This issue has dominated the country’s film and television production for several years now. Although this new show sounds more like it will be a fun action program, in which the undead take the highest number of bullets, it will be necessary to see if it does not fall into the exploitation of violence or worse: the glorification of criminals that traffic narcotics.

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The series appears to be Prime Video’s first original Mexican action production, so expectations are not low for this title. And it will be interesting to see if the promise of seeing what a zombie epidemic would look like in the country is finally fulfilled, particularly after Hollywood films, such as World War Z – 67%, they have predicted totally fatal destinations for us. Hopefully this title gives us more credit.

SOZ Soldiers or zombies It will be released exclusively on Prime Video on August 6 and consists of eight episodes of just 30 minutes each. The show will hit Mexico, as well as the rest of Latin America. In case you do not have your subscription yet, you can do click here and subscribe for just $ 99 MXN per month to see who survives in this new story.

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