Movistar returns to the fray and broadcasts these 4 films directly without going through movie theaters

Let’s review what are the direct-to-streaming premieres that Movistar Plus+ has planned for next month and that they will join others such as E gato con botas: El último deso, Mari(dos) or El peor vecino del mundo, which did go through commercial theaters. Available on the channels Premieres on M+ (dial 11), Premieres 2 on M+ (dial 12) and in the on-demand service for all customers with the cinema option.


The first of the direct-to-streaming premieres arrives on July 8 and it is Rift (original title: breaking), a film starring John Boyega. It is a biopic of Brian Easley, an ex-soldier who barricaded himself in a bank along with two hostages. Far from being a typical robbery, the story revealed the problems of adapting to the return to civilian life, especially when the corresponding monthly allowance is no longer received. The ex-marine had no violent intention, he just wanted his story to be known to the rest of the world. Along with John Boyega, the cast is completed by the recently deceased Michael K. Williams (‘The Wire’), Nicole Beharie (‘Sleepy Hollow’) and Selenis Leyva (‘Orange Is the New Black’).

“Corbin and Armah have neatly adapted a tragic reality and presented it with elegance and understanding, which will hopefully cause some to rethink the reality in which they live”

“A tense depiction of a 2017 situation (…) Boyega is the most interesting thing about the film”

“This gripping, emotional story wouldn’t have such an impact without a stellar performance by John Boyega”


On Sunday July 16th you will be able to see Gringa, a film directed by the duo of Mamy Eng and EJ Foerster. Steve Zahn (‘The White Lotus’, ‘Cowboys’) and Jess Gabor (Kelly Keefe in ‘Shameless’) star as Jackson and Marge, a father and daughter who meet after many years without knowing each other in this tender comedy drama about family and second chances. It is a proposal that is left to be loved thanks to the fact that it finds the great strength in the interpretation of Jess Gabor as the protagonist of a story that makes her shine completely both in the funny moments and in the most dramatic ones. She complements Steve Zahn in a great way allowing us to end up liking this father-daughter relationship.

“Overall, Gringa manages to get viewers rooting for both Jackson and Marge, balancing serious emotion with moments of lighter humor.”

“Steve Zahn is brilliant at projecting the image of a lovable dork. Jess Gabor elevates what he has to work with, and his interaction with Zahn allows the film to stay focused during the most important scenes.”

“It’s a perfectly enjoyable film with first-rate performances from Gabor and Zahn.”

Outraged Annie

On Tuesday July 18 The outraged Annie (original title: annie colère), film starring Laure Calamy as the protagonist of this exciting story that talks about female solidarity through the fight for the legalization of abortion in France in 1974. In France, the Movement for the Legalization of Abortion and Contraception had a instrumental in advancing reproductive rights and the film’s story centers on the interaction between protagonist Annie and the MLAC to end an unintended or unintended pregnancy. What begins with an intention to abort and move away from the organization will end up getting involved in its fight.

“Even at its most didactic, the film feels populated with believable and complicated characters rather than convenient case studies.”

“Brilliant in tone and predominantly hopeful, and propelled by a most endearing performance from César winner Laure Calamy”

“An ode to female solidarity (…) A beautifully staged period film, with powerful close-ups at dramatic moments”

The secret kingdom

The last of the direct-to-streaming tapes of Movistar Plus+ for the seventh month will arrive on July 19. The Secret Kingdom (original title: The Secret Kingdom) is the story of the exciting journey of the brothers Peter and Verity, aged 12 and 9, into an extraordinary underground world. There they discover that Peter is the bearer of one of the five artifacts needed to fix the Great Clock of the Citadel that allows time to be reset and thus defeat an ancient evil, leading to a moving story about coping with pain.

“The vast majority of the cast is good, and the world building of this fantasy land is excellent.”

“It’s reminiscent of 1984’s The Neverending Story and the Narnia movies, but The Secret Kingdom nonetheless has its own exhilarating flavor.”

“The Secret Kingdom is the kind of adventure movie that there just isn’t enough of these days. It has a storybook atmosphere that will appeal to children and a thrill ride that will give adults a sense of nostalgia.”

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Movistar returns to the fray and broadcasts these 4 films directly without going through movie theaters