‘Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment – Part 1’ sweeps the box office with 253 million and destroys the record for the best opening of the action franchise with Tom Cruise

This summer is not exactly bringing much joy to Hollywood blockbusters. The failures, of greater (‘Flash’) or lesser (‘Fast & Furious 10’) magnitude, accumulate and everything indicates that the paradigm shift that will Steven Spielberg predicted 10 years ago. However, today we have good news, since ‘Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment – Part 1’ has swept the box office with 253 million dollars during its first days in theaters.

Good news with a big but

That represents the best worldwide data for a film in the saga starring Tom Cruise during its launch. In fact, the mark so far was the 156 million that ‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’ achieved in 2018. It is true that in this case it was released on a Friday instead of a Wednesday, but also that Wednesdays and Thursdays of this week did not have nothing that boosted public attendance in theaters in a special way and that were the days in which ‘Mortal Judgment -Part 1’ entered less.

In addition, ‘Deadly Judgment – Part 1’ has also achieved the best opening of the saga in the United States by adding 80 million in five days, thus surpassing the 78.8 million that ‘Mission Impossible 2’ did 23 years ago. However, is the international marketincreasingly important for the saga -in the three previous installments it accounted for around 70% of its worldwide income-, which will end up determining whether or not it will be a success.

Let us remember that the budget of ‘Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment – Part 1’ shot up to the 290 million dollars, to which we must easily add 100 more for marketing. This means that his final collection has to be very high so as not to give losses, so there are still doubts about whether he will end up achieving it.

For now, before its premiere, it was established that would have to become the highest grossing of the saga to achieve it. That honor right now belongs to ‘Fallout’ with $791 million. It is not at all impossible for him to achieve it, which would also make it the third highest grossing film of the year, only behind ‘Super Mario Bros. The Movie’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’.


In your favor you have to the saga has shown on countless occasions that it is not one of those that devastates the first weekend and then collapses. There we have the case of ‘Fallout’ debuting with 156 million and then reaching 791 million. The critics are backing it almost unanimously, the public is also liking it a lot and it also has yet to be released in several countries such as Japan, where Ethan Hunt’s previous adventure made more than 40 million.

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Against him he plays that next week ‘Oppenheimer’ and ‘Barbie’ are released, tough competitors who could cause a larger than usual drop in your incomeespecially since Christopher Nolan’s new work is going to “steal” all IMAX theaters in the United States from ‘Death Judgment: Part 1’…

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‘Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment – Part 1’ sweeps the box office with 253 million and destroys the record for the best opening of the action franchise with Tom Cruise