Millie Bobby Brown, a super powerful girl who could travel to the Star Wars galaxy

In the narrative universe of starwarsWhen one story ends, others are always ready to take over. The best example of that wheel that began at the end of the 70s, with the first original trilogy created by George Lucas and whose horizon seems to have no end, is now represented by the miniseries Obi Wan Kenobi and the exciting news about the actress Millie Bobby Brown.

It may be a coincidence but it sounds like a carefully planned marketing strategy: in the same week that the story headed by Ewan McGregor (the sixth chapter will be available tomorrow on Disney+), a rumor began to circulate indicating that the young star of stranger things could be the protagonist of an upcoming adventure set in the old and distant galaxy. According to the British newspaper Mirror, Brown and her representatives would be in full negotiations for the 18-year-old actress to join the famous saga with a contract that would exceed fifteen million dollars. The high sum, say the sources of the article, would be justified by the interest that all of Brown’s projects generate in children and young adults, an age group that for the Lucasfilm studios, owned by Disney, has not yet developed the level of fanaticism for starwars that your parents’ generation has.

The truth is that now Brown has all the advantages to get the most favorable economic and artistic agreement for her. Less than ten days before the premiere of the second part of the new season of stranger things, on July 1, and with a new sneak peek released today promising an epic finale with the heroic Eleven taking center stage, the actress’s profile and proven popularity are at the peak of her successful career. As published by the British newspaper, from Lucasfilm they affirmed that thanks to the phenomenon of the Netflix series Brown has enough weight in the industry and in the public eye to be the protagonist of his next film or series and that it is only a matter of finding the writer and screenwriter that best suits her. The list of filmmakers with whom the studio has already announced projects includes Taika Waititi (Thor)´; Kevin Feige, the boss of Marvel, and Rian Johnson, director of Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.

Enola HolmesNetflix

If the negotiations come to fruition with Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm, Brown will have to leave, at least for a while, the ranks of Netflix, the platform that not only kicked off his career with stranger things but also asserted his status as a leading man with Enola Holmes, the film about the sister of Sherlock Holmes that he not only directed but also produced and whose sequel would be released at the end of the year. In addition, under the mantle of the streaming service, the actress is in full filming of the adventure film Damsel, which will be available in 2023. In the new adventure film directed by the Spanish Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Brown -one of the producers of the project-, plays Princess Elodie, who on her wedding day with Prince Henry (Nick Robinson) , discovers that she will be sacrificed to appease the dragon that threatens the kingdom.

Brown in the fourth season of Stranger Things
Brown in the fourth season of Stranger Thingsnetflix p

With a career plan that until now has allowed him to avoid the setbacks of other child stars, Brown is not only used to being part of the production team of his projects, but little by little he began to build a resume of brave and heroic characters who do not give up. Even when the circumstances are against you. So it is with Eleven in stranger thingswith the intelligent and intrepid Enola –determined to go beyond what Victorian society expects of her– and also the damsel Elodie, able to get herself out of the predicament she finds herself in, a trio of super powerful girls who They’d fit right in with the ever-growing list of gun-toting, boy-ruling heroines inhabiting the galaxy. StarWars.

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Millie Bobby Brown, a super powerful girl who could travel to the Star Wars galaxy