Michael Bay’s drone busting, Sandra Bullock’s jungle adventure, and trans-Siberian romances: the best and worst of movie releases

Yes, I know that today is not Friday and that I should not be here —like Dante in ‘Clerks’—, but this April 13 we have one of those rounds of early billboard premieres to satisfy our cravings for the movies during the Easter holidays —whoever has them. If you want to know what you can bring to your mouth these days, here is a review of all the news, which includes everything from potential bombs to prestigious festival titles.

The premieres of April 13, 2022

‘Ambulance: Escape Plan’ (‘Ambulance’, 2022)

  • Michael Bay decided to include FPV as an essential part of the filming of ‘Ambulance’ because he believes that the use of drones is usually very boring.

  • One of the main drone pilots in the film is Alex Vanover. At only 19 years old he is the world champion of the DRL? Or Drone Racing League?.

  • This is the third time that Jake Gyllenhaal has starred in a remake of a Danish film. The first two were ‘Guilty’ and ‘Brothers’.

  • The film is full of references to Michael Bay’s filmography. In addition to including titles like ‘The Rock’ and ‘Two Rogue Cops’ in conversation, a character is named William Sharp, like the colonel who appeared in ‘Armageddon’.

  • Nitro, Captain Monroe’s gigantic dog that appears in the film, is owned by Michael Bay in real life.

  • Bay also has cameos in two scenes of the film in which he plays a policeman as an extra.

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‘The lost city’ (‘The Lost City’, 2022)

  • The premise of the film and its dynamics are reminiscent of that classic adventure film that is ‘After the Green Heart’, which starred Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner in 1984.

  • Originally, Ryan Reynolds should have played the male lead in the film, but since no deal could be reached, Channing Tatum ended up getting the role.

  • Giving an unexpected twist to the usual practices of the industry, ‘The Lost City’ has a female lead who is older than her male counterpart. Specifically, Sandra Bullock is 16 years older than Channing Tatum.

  • This is the first film of the company in which the logo of Paramount Pictures will not appear, but that of Paramount Global.

Criticism in Espinof: ‘The Lost City’: a fun adventure at the service of Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum in which Brad Pitt steals the show with his special appearance

‘Compartment No. 6’ (‘Hytti No. 6’, 2021)

  • The film, set on the Trans-Siberian train, does not show the structure or the exterior of the vehicle, according to its director, “in order to focus attention on its interior”.

  • ‘Compartment No. 6’ was the film selected by Finland to compete for the Oscar for best international film, although it did not make the cut.

  • However, the film did opt for the Golden Globe for best non-English speaking film, in addition to winning the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Festival and the best actor award at the latest edition of the Valladolid Festival.

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‘The Game of Keys’ (2022)

‘The Adventures of Pil’ (‘Pil’, 2021)

‘Counting Sheep’ (2022)

‘Aline’ (2020)

‘Gagarin’ (2020)

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Michael Bay’s drone busting, Sandra Bullock’s jungle adventure, and trans-Siberian romances: the best and worst of movie releases