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In case they had forgotten about him, Mel Gibson He has several projects on the way that will have him back in high profile in Hollywood. One of those that could arouse the interest of his followers is that he is in negotiations to direct Deadly Weapon 5, sequel to the franchise that helped position him as one of the most sought-after male protagonists in the industry and which has remained in force for almost thirty years.

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According to information from The Hollywood Reporter, Mel Gibson revealed that he will direct Deadly Weapon 5. So he said during an interview, but Deadline reports that the negotiations have not been closed, but the film would happen as an original for HBO Max. As you remember, the first film is a classic that he starred in with Danny Glover, one that consolidated the “buddy cop movies” and one of the most emblematic of both interpreters:

Richard was developing the script and he did it quite well. And he said to me one day: ‘Listen boy, if I’m gone, you will.’ And I said, ‘Shut up.’ He certainly passed away. But he asked me to do it, and at the time, I didn’t say anything. He told his wife, the studio and the producer. So, I’ll be directing the fifth movie.

The most recent of these deliveries was Deadly Weapon 4 1998, several years before Gibson was embroiled in several scandals. Since then there have been attempts to make a fifth film even involving the deceased. Richard Donner, the director of the first, and it is reported that it is in the wake of his death that the actor thought it would be a good idea for him to continue the legacy of the franchise.

For someone who has supposedly been on the Hollywood blacklist for years, Gibson has had no major problem in continuing to work. While he has not had roles in major action sagas, as he used to, he has managed to raise at least a couple of high-profile projects that have been able to remind the industry of his talent as a filmmaker. The clearest example is Until the Last Man – 86%.

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That film, starring Andrew Garfield, is based on true events and follows the story of a young soldier who is part of the invasion of Japan during World War II. As a pacifist, he refuses to assassinate enemy soldiers, despite this he manages to rescue several of his companions when his battalion is besieged by Asian military men. The film made it into the 2018 awards season.

More recently, it was confirmed that he would be one of the leads of The Continental, the first spin-off series in the saga of John Wick. Very little is known about that project and there are no details about his character, but we can expect an action extravaganza such as movies with Keanu Reeves, since the story is about the hotel of assassins where all kinds of hitmen are staying. It is a prequel to the main franchise.

None of these projects has a release date yet, it is expected that The Continental hit StarPlay next year. While Deadly Weapon 5 it is only in the earliest stages of development. The actor most recently appeared as the antagonist of One More Day to Die, which you can find on video-on-demand platforms, as he was unlucky enough to premiere during the pandemic.

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Mel Gibson will direct Lethal Weapon 5 | Tomatazos