Megan Fox’s cult movie that you can see on Star Plus

Although it was not very well received at the box office, you can now enjoy this film on Star Plus that in recent years has been read as a feminist horror masterpiece, an allegory of sexual assault and a fantasy of revenge.

karyn kusama (director of The invitation Y Destruction) Y Devil Cody (screenwriter of June, Young Adult Y tully) join forces with the actress Megan fox in Diabolic temptation. The horror comedy, which you can enjoy in StarPluscenters on a high school cheerleader who is offered up as a sacrifice, then becomes possessed by a demon and starts killing her classmates.

The film, which also stars Amanda Seyfried, has been reassessed in recent years as a masterpiece of feminist horror. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, many have read the film as an allegory of sexual assault and female revenge fantasy. in a tone very similar to beautiful revenge by Emerald Fennell and Carey Mulligan.

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Since its release in 2009, the film has built a niche of loyal fans that have made it a cult movie. Even in 2018 it was launched Jennifer’s Body: The Unauthorized Musical From Hellmusical adapted for the stage by Jordan Ross (Cruel Intentions) and with a cast and choreographers who participated in the films of pitch-perfect and in the tv series glee.

In preparing for her role as a demon-possessed teenager, Megan Fox was inspired by Christian Bale and his process for The Machinistas well as Matt Damon and his appearance in value under fire (available in StarPlus), To lose weight. The actress lost 8 kilos and stayed out of the sun for four months to keep her skin pale.

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Fox and Seyfried’s characters had more intense sexual tension in the original script, which is why Diabolic temptation appeared on the 2007 blacklist. And although the sexual charge was lessened in the final version, the two actresses felt comfortable in the kissing and flirting scenes because they felt the protection of the director, who had initially considered Emma Stone instead of Seyfried.

Beyond the box office success of transformers (where she shared credits with Shia LaBeouf and that you can revisit in Star Plus) or the media boost of playing April O’Neil in Ninja Turtles 2 (produced by Michael Bay), Fox recognizes Diabolic temptation as his best film. Even in an interview for The Washington Post he pointed out: “Not only does it deserve a sequel, but it deserves to be a television series.”

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Megan Fox’s cult movie that you can see on Star Plus