Meet the 10 most viewed Netflix movies in its history

On this occasion we will give you a list of the 10 movies from the platform Netflix most seen in all history and that is with a diverse cast, completely opposite genres and incredible stories that have taken her completely.

As you may recall, in recent years, the platform Netflix has become the most famous in the world, which has meant millions of views of the content they publish month after month.

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And despite the different controversies due to the cancellation of some of its subscribers’ favorite series, there is no doubt that the platform is gaining strength among film and television fans every day.

In fact, it is thanks to the updates that have been made over time that today we can access the recommendations of titles that might interest us, trends, the 10 most viewed productions throughout the country every day and even the movie most popular of the moment.

However, Netflix does not share the view figures each time, but only the data that a certain movie is in first place.

It is for that reason that the decision the company made to share the number of views that the 10 most successful original titles in its history have had is extremely shocking.

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This could mean the basis of a strategy for future productions that we will see on screen and even some possible sequels of the titles that we already know.

List of the most viewed movies up to 2021:


Rescue mission

This movie has a total of 99 million views and this tells the story of a fierce mercenary’s mission turns into an introspective survival race when he is sent to Bangladesh to rescue the son of a narco.

Chris Hemsworth stars in this intense action thriller with Rudhraksh Jaiswal, Randeep Hooda and Golshifteh Farahani.


Bird Box

It has a total of 89 million views, where five years have passed since unseen forces led the population to death.

A survivor and her children risk everything to seek shelter. One of Sandra Bullock’s most successful films, accompanied by Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich and other talented celebrities.


Spenser Confidential

It ranks third with 85 million views and tells the story of Spenser, a former cop fresh out of jail, teams up with heavyweight Hawk to unravel a conspiracy linked to the death of two Boston cops.

The cast of this action movie is made up of Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke and Alan Arkin.


Squad 6

With 83 million views, it tells the story of a multimillionaire tech genius simulating his death3 and forming an international team to overthrow a cruel dictator on a risky and bloody mission.

Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent and Corey Hawkins are part of the protagonists of this film.


Mystery on board

With 83 million views, during a highly anticipated trip to Europe, a New York cop and his wife try to solve a mysterious murder aboard a billionaire’s yacht.

Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Luke Evans and the Mexican Luis Gerardo Méndez play the characters in this film.


The old guard

With 78 million views, four immortal warriors who have been protecting humanity for centuries are hunted by their mysterious powers, just as they discover a new member.

Charlize Theron, KiKi Layne, Marwan Kenzari are part of this movie success.


Enola Holmes

With 76 million views, when her mother goes missing, young Enola discovers that her siblings, Sherlock and Mycroft, are not of much help.

But she is a true Holmes and will solve the case. Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin bring the Holmes brothers to life in a way you’ve never seen before.


Power Project

With 75 million views and in New Orleans, an ex-soldier, a teenager and a police officer team up to follow the trail of a dangerous pill that grants temporary superpowers.

Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dominique Fishback appear in this sci-fi movie.


Midnight Sky

With 72 million views, after a world catastrophe, a scientist trapped in the Arctic tries to contact a crew of astronauts to warn them not to return to Earth.

George Clooney, Felicity Jones, David Oyelowo will transport you to an adventure you could never have imagined.


The army of the dead

With 72 million views, after the appearance of zombies in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries risks everything and ventures into the quarantine area to carry out the biggest robbery of their lives.

Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell and Omari Hardwick headline this horror movie.