Meche Carreño: The story of the actress, producer and writer who became a sex symbol

at the end of the years sixty the cinema in Mexico was undergoing important evolution, since the fury of the Cine de Oro was passing but new currents would emerge such as the so-called File Cinema.

Precisely at this time a figure was born who would have a great impact on the unconscious collective, in a particularly transgressive time, and it was about Meche Carreno, Veracruz actress which was consolidated as an erotic and female empowerment myth of that time.

In the 1970s, Meche Carreño was the center of attention in the cinema, the press, television and her followers consolidated her as a transcendental woman during those years of repression Social and politics.

About Meche Carreno

Her real name is Maria de las Mercedes Carreno Nava, born in Minatitlán, Veracruz, in 1947, who soon stood out for her physique, since she was a young woman with beautiful lips, slender legs and long legs. hairbut she was not only beautiful, but also had a character definitethe same as I would have given her the audacity to appear portrayed in a monokinithus becoming a luminary of fashion and cinema.

Meche Carreno She studied at the Andrés Soler Academy of Acting, and her ability to transmit emotions led her to do one of her first jobs with Alexander Jodorowsky in a theatrical production and with Carlos Ancira in the play “El hombre y sumascara”.

Meche Carreño triumphed in the cinema as an actress and producer. Photo: Special

Meche Carreño challenged the censorship system in the 70s

It is noteworthy that in the years seventy, Meche Carreño’s nudes were some of the most explicit, as shown by Indio Fernández’s Zona Roja (1975). However, the best of filmography de Carreño can be found in the work done together with the sensitive filmmaker John Manuel Torres your sentimental partner.

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Beside her second husband, Meche Carreño starred in a series of smart stories whose theme was the intimate confessions and sentimental aspirations of the young people of the moment as shown by: The other virginity (1974), Life changes (1975), The sea (1976) and The perfect woman (1977).

Through their naked and characters in the cinema, Meche Carreño tried to argue about the hypocrisies of a prudish and repressed society, later she worked as a producer, since her career in the cinema allowed her to get to know the industry in front of and behind the cameras. ? She is currently 74 years old and is dedicated to environmental activism and working on writing a children’s book.



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Meche Carreño: The story of the actress, producer and writer who became a sex symbol