‘Matrix Resurrections’: Warner was scared by the criticism leveled against the study

Watch out! There are several spoilers about The Matrix Resurrections in relation to its plot and meaning. If you haven’t seen the movie … Don’t keep reading!

Warner Bros. he was worried for months for a series of metabromas about the study present The Matrix Resurrections. Resurrections, the fourth film in the series, which began in 1999 with The Matrix, revive the license of the cyberpunk most iconic of recent times. Production, long desired by Hollywood, has had a somewhat disparate premiere, with a discreet locker. In any case, Lana Wachowski, what not to make a new sequel, enjoyed complete creative freedom during its conception. And that generated the occasional discussion within Warner.

Resurrections: Metareferences and Warner’s Concern

Resurrections tells the story of Thomas Anderson, better known as Neo in the original trilogy, many years after the events of those. The character of Keanu Reeves is now a videogame developer well known for creating the game The Matrix, an action story that follows a hero named Neo who fights a simulacin and the tyrant of machines. However, after the success, he is asked for a new continuation. And hesitates to do it. Trinity is Tiffany, a new woman, who is married with children. But Anderson begins to wonder if his life is real. And that’s when his therapist comes in, who prescribes blue pills, keeping him trapped inside the real simulation. In Vandal Random We have talked about this late sequel, who knows how to laugh at herself, with metabromas humorsticas about the entertainment media industry on how it handles sequels, and this is where Warner’s fear kicks in: there’s one that has the major like Diana.

The co-writers of the installment with Lana Wachowski, David Mitchell y Aleksander Hemon (va ScreenRant), they had some fear about the consequences that the joke about Warner Bros. in the mouth of one of the characters would have had in the studio. “Matrix Resurrections begins with the revelation that Thomas Anderson runs a large game company that develops video games, not movies, and one of them is The Matrix. And now his parent company, Warner Bros., wants a fourth game … which he doesn’t want to makeMitchel continued. “Yes, everything seems like a very obvious comment on Lana Wachowski’s personal feelings about making this movieSo we asked if it was specifically about any of his concerns, “continues the screenwriter.

Metabroma Warner Matrix

We were scared. It is a fair and correct word. But Lana protected us and no one from Warner complained to us.

“We were scared. I think it’s a fair word.”Mitchell continues. “And the unease is sublimated in the general existential anxiety of Thomas Anderson, I think. I mean, whatever shit is thrown at Warner Bros. is, of course, thrown with respect and affection. In the most noble and possible sense, with respect and affection. But yes, I think restlessness is a fair word to describe the situation. It was a big step, “Mitchell continues.” It was, “adds Hemon.” It’s also that David and I are just screenwriters, so I never met anyone from Warner Bros. until these interviews were arranged, “he continues.” So yes, there may have been some misgivings, but we were never told in person. Lana protected us. But I also think they were so excited for Lana to make the movie that why would they reject these jokes? At least at first. Maybe they would later. But in any case, they wanted to make this movie “,

The Matrix Resurrections is available in theaters.

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‘Matrix Resurrections’: Warner was scared by the criticism leveled against the study