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By the late 1990s Matrix – 87% it meant a whole revolution in the film industry; the passage from one century to another reflected on the big screen and in the way of telling stories. Throughout the trilogy, the impact of the franchise was such that each release was a box office success, and no one wanted to miss out on those perfect moves by Keanu Reeves, the costumes that were replicated so much off the screen and that story that blew the minds of more than one.

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Even their reruns were significant to the fans and to their fundraising. They may not have repeated the success of the first time they were released, but they were still remarkable. After 19 years of the premiere of Matrix: Revolutions – 36%, the last of the original trilogy, Warner Bros. surprised audiences with the announcement of a new installment. What could they tell now if the protagonists had already died? The story was finished and there seemed to be no loose ends to hold up this sequel.

It was certainly a risk, but perhaps the company thought there was still a lot to squeeze out of the universe from the Wachowski sisters. There are rumors that the sequel would be made with or without the original authors, so Lana Wachowski He preferred to be in charge, perhaps visualizing what was to come, because in the first part of the film it seems that the filmmaker explains to the viewer why she made that decision – in the film, the Matrix is ​​spoken of as a video game franchise that they want to revive, and They even mention Warner directly.

Matrix Resurrecciones – 65% it generated mixed feelings among fans and there have been all kinds of opinions. While some welcomed her with open arms and accepted this new adventure, there were many who felt disappointed by the result and, surely, they will pretend that this sequel never happened. It is true that everyone will make their own decisions or opinions regarding the film, but when talking about money things change.

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Matrix 4 It managed to generate expectation and was a topic of conversation before its launch, but its collection has not been enough; especially considering that it was released days after the box office monster Spider-Man: No Way Home – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos92%, another point that undoubtedly affected him. According to what is reported in World of Reel, the film starring Keanu Reeves Y Carrie-Anne Moss it would be about to lose up to USD $ 100 million, and it is already considered to be in the red.

From its premiere on December 22 until today, Matrix Resurrecciones It has surpassed USD $ 100 million at the box office, recovering its USD $ 190 million budget. However, that is not enough, since the external expenses that have to do with marketing, distribution and promotion still need to be counted, which means a loss. In some countries the film is already available on HBO Max, and perhaps its impact will be better there, although its earnings will hardly be saved.

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So far, both Lana Wachowski What Keanu Reeves They have not shown interest in new films belonging to the franchise, but there is a possibility that Warner has already made previous investments to work on some spin-offs or series. Only time will make us witnesses of what happens in the future with Matrix, although the original trilogy will always have a place in the hearts of fans.

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Matrix Resurrections: Warner Bros. Could Lose Up to USD $ 100 Million | Tomatazos