Marvel’s Wolverine New Trailer

Wolverine will participate in two spectacular Marvel events and they have released a trailer to promote them.

Logan will take temporary trips at events X Lives of Wolverine and X Deaths of Wolverine from Marvel Comics and we already have new details about these interesting stories of the most legendary mutant of the X-Men. Since they have promised that they will have an impact similar to House of X and Powers of X 2019.

Everything will start after the events of Inferno, that’s why the fate of the X-Men is in serious danger. Wolverine You must travel to different points in time to avoid a key death in the history of the mutants. So we will explore all the past of Logan at the same time that there will be revelations that will affect the future.

It seems that the plot will be something similar to Days of Future Past, which is one of the most shocking stories of the X-Men of the legendary Chris Claremont.

These comics will have the script of Benjamin Percy and the art of Joshua Cassara and Federico Vicentini.

This is a story that channels Wolverine’s legacy from beginning to end. But having said that, it is something very own. I don’t do karaoke. Benjamin Percy said in a recent interview. In other words, I am leaning towards Days of Future Past. Yes, but these two new plots have their own distinctive narrative. I like time travel stories and stories that play with time.

«The time machine … The Terminator franchise … Back to the future … Avengers: Endgame. I always wanted to face the genre, and we did our best. Clocks and compasses turn wildly. Get ready for a blood-soaked kaleidoscopic journey, full of chaos through time and space. Benjamin Percy concluded.

Here we leave you the trailer of the new of Wolverine from Marvel:

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Marvel’s Wolverine New Trailer