Marvel is so good at keeping secrets that the new Captain America thought he had landed the part for Black Panther.

Since Avengers: Endgame closed the most glorious stage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the studio owned by Disney he doesn’t seem to have found the right formula for success yet. However, they are holding out hope for the next movie of America’s hero: Captain America: Brave New World.

On this occasion, the film will star anthony mackie, who until now had played Falcon and who, after the events of Endgame, became the new Captain. However, the actor thought that by joining Marvel, he would play another very important character within the UCM: Black Panther. This is what he commented during an interview with Inverse, where he spoke about his appreciation for this character before auditioning for Marvel.

“I had contacted Marvel a lot about Black Panther. I had written them letters. I was trying to find a way to get them to do Black Panther. And I wanted to be Black Panther because growing up I loved Black Panther.”

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After speaking with the higher-ups of Marvel To be part of this gigantic project, the African-American actor did not hesitate for a second to accept the proposal of Kevin Feige, president of Marvel. And it is that, although the producers did not explicitly mention what his role would be within the UCM, Mackie was convinced that it would be Black Panther.

“I’ll never forget the moment Joe Russo said to me, ‘Listen, we’re making this movie. We want you to be in it. We can’t say what character you’re going to play or who else is going to be in it. Would you? And that that was it. And I was like, ‘You know what, I like you guys so much.’

It wasn’t until a few weeks later that Mackie found out he wasn’t going to play Black Panther. At that time, he thought that the King of Wakanda was the only possible option for a role that shared his same traits and had importance in a movie. Marvel. At no time did he imagine that he would end up being Captain America’s partner, much less that he would become America’s new hero after fighting Thanos.

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Marvel is so good at keeping secrets that the new Captain America thought he had landed the part for Black Panther.