Marvel Fears Chris Hemsworth’s Reality Show Could Kill Him

Marvel is concerned and fears that the new reality show by Chris Hemsworth, no limitscan kill the actor. For a decade, Hemsworth, who has brought to life Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has prepared himself physically for the role of the superherobecoming one of the visible faces of the most successful tapes of our days. With the future open to his return for more Thor and Avengers sequelsMarvel Studios is afraid that the actor will get hurt in the new reality that has premiered on Disney + and in which he travels the world with the director Darren Aronofsky performing stunts and extreme sports in inhospitable and dangerous regions. A few months ago he was injured and that caused the alarms to go off in Kevin Feige’s offices.

no limits: the reality show that Marvel fears for its dangerousness and in which Chris Hemsworth participates

Hemsworth, what He has always said that he enjoys playing sports and pushing his body to the stars in a documentary for Disney + in which we can see the actor of the God of Thunder submit to all kinds of extreme challenges like getting into icy waters, climbing to the greatest heights and jumping from the most dangerous cliffs. During a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel on his late night, the actor made special emphasis on going beyond on a physical and mental level, an aspect that has landed at Marvel since he signed the contract to make the documentary. In fact, while training to climb a cliff using a rope he broke his ankle and that generated cold sweats in the House of Ideas.

“Said: ‘Great, we’ll record everything and we’ll do it before I start filming Thor’Hemsworth explains. “Anyway, I started training, broke my ankle and Marvel chimed in and said: ‘No. This program could kill him, let him do it after shooting our movie.“, specified the actor of Tyler Rake, whose sequel on Netflix is ​​pending release. In no limitsthe interpreter takes his physical conditions to the extreme.

Marvel stepped in and advised filming after Thor: Love and Thunder when the actor was injured in pre-reality training.

The actor has been recorded performing four day fast (he can only drink water), thus submittingsituations of maximum stress and testing their body strength to see how far he can go. Hemsworth, who has always been characterized by having a healthy lifestyle, recounts in the reality What does he want explore the limits of our body and touch death itself with the tips of our fingers. Through various tests of memory, fasting, strength, stress and shock, it will show its consequences and progress in different episodes.

no limits is available on Disney+.

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Marvel Fears Chris Hemsworth’s Reality Show Could Kill Him