Marvel Does Something Historic To Avoid Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers

Kevin Feige’s studio has made a historic decision. This is the way Marvel has chosen to avoid spoilers for Doctor Strange 2!

Yesterday was the premiere of Doc Strange 2 in The Angels Y today we have already had the first reviews of the film. Besides, Marvel Studios went to your social networks to announce that their official accounts in Twitter, Instagram Y Facebook have disabled all replies and comments. This measure, obviously, is circumstantial. The motive behind it is to prevent some viewers from spreading spoilers in the studio’s comment sections. And it is that the sequel to Sorcerer Supremeapparently, has a lot of surprises that could be ruined.

See you on the other side of the Multiverse. Replies are now disabled,” Marvel Studios announced on social media. They are betting everything on the success of Doc Strange 2! This is a historic move, a totally unusual move for the studio. So that you understand the seriousness of this decision, it is the first time that Marvel Studios announces that it disables comments in order to stop spoilers. They didn’t even do it Avengers: Endgame either Spider-Man: No Way Home!

Why are they so “afraid” of spoilers?

Although yesterday we learned how Kevin Feig and company fights against spoilers, the fear of Marvel Studios makes all the sense in the world. After all, Doc Strange 2 It will have a huge number of cameos, surprises, winks, references and a long list of surprises. It is normal that they want to stop the flow of spoilers as much as possible. Even if they have made the best movie possible and are looking for the best cinematic experience for the viewer, regardless of spoilers and leaks, sometimes it is completely unavoidable.

There have been many trailers, television spots, advertisements, promotions, leaked images and many details about Doc Strange 2. However, Marvel Studios wants to avoid the fattest shortly before its premiere. You know there are going to be a lot of unexpected surprises coming to light and you don’t want a plot from the public to ruin your experience before you go to the cinema.

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Marvel Does Something Historic To Avoid Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers