Marvel announces the new Spider-Man movie… But without Tom Holland!

Tom Holland will not be the lead actor in the new Spider-Man movie. The latest news about Marvel is amazing.

Marvel has announced the new Spider-Man movie, but it will be without Tom Holland. Sony Pictures Entertainment producers Amy Pascal and Avi Arad have given multiple updates on the upcoming movies starring the big man Spider-Man. A character very loved by all the fans and who is transcendental within the popular culture of the masses and the genre of superheroes.

Variety asked Amy Pascal about future projects related to Spider-Man and the Spider-Verse. The producer and executive of Sony Pictures Entertainment then confirmed that a Spider-Woman movie and a live-action Miles Morales movie are in the works at the same time. And he said to the journalist: “You will see everything.” As for the Spider-Woman movie specifically, Avi Arad said fans will see it “sooner than you expect.” Therefore, the next Marvel Comics Spider-Man tape will not be with Tom Holland, but will feature Miles Morales.

What’s going to happen to the MCU’s Peter Parker now?

Hailee Steinfeld, the voice of Gwen Stacy and Spider-Woman in the Crossing the Multiverse movie, spoke positively of voicing both marvel characters. “This is like my dream job, sign me up over and over again,” Hailee Steinfeld said of her participation in the animated Spider-Man film saga. “I have to be comfortable! And it’s a dream to be in a space that feels so comfortable, but also creatively exciting.” But then what will happen to Tom Holland?

Other news about Spider-Man refers directly to Spider-Man 4 with Tom Holland and within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Amy Pascal confirmed that the sequel will be made, but that the ongoing writers’ strike has halted development. “Are we going to make another movie? Of course I do,” confirmed Amy Pascal. “We are in the process, but the writers’ strike… Nobody is working during the strike. We are all being supporters and when they agree, we will start.

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Marvel announces the new Spider-Man movie… But without Tom Holland!