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Marvel has been one of the most influential entertainment companies not only in the United States but also in the world for many, many years. With comics, movies, series, video games, and more, this fictional monster has countless products on the market and continues to plan more for the future. Through its official networks, Marvel announces a completely spectacular event that will bring together the Avengers, Eternals and X-Men in an unprecedented fight that will forever mark the history of the characters. Something memorable is coming up for the superhero industry.

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Marvel characters have told their stories, whether classic or renewed, in an ambitious and memorable way, but it seems that we will see something very special in the recent event announced by the company for 2022. A simple teaser on networks reveals the Judgement Day, crossover between the Avengers, X-Men and Eternals that will take place on the pages of comics. Of course, fans are already reacting to the good news and excitedly await the story that they want to see not only on pages, but also in other audiovisual media. Here is the Marvel post:

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The X-Men and the Avengers had already met in 2012 thanks to a comic event that confronts them, however, it seems that it is time for a new adventure with them. On the other hand, for next year the publication of Immortal X-Men, a comic series by Kieron Gillen which also promises great adventures for the famous mutants. Now, when will the day come when we can see all this action on the big screen? MCU fans have long waited for superheroes of diverse powers to make an appearance in the largest and most influential film franchise in recent years.

Kevin Feige, Marvel’s chief creative officer, has been questioned on numerous occasions about the date when we will see the X-Men appear in theaters. The truth is that the executive is really hermetic about all the details that concern his future projects, a genius of silence who knows his audience perfectly, gives them exactly what they want, but makes them wait for a considerable period, taking care of appearances and making sure your stars behave the same way. If Marvel Studios has come this far in the Hollywood business, it is thanks to the vision of Coward about superheroes, the scope of the genre and fanservice; The latter, knowing how to handle it, is a powerful tool for income and good reviews.

And Judgement Day It is an inevitable event in the field of Marvel comics, is it possible that in near times we will see some kind of adaptation in the studios run by Kevin Feige? If the Spider-Verse came true despite the strong skepticism that dominated social media for a while, it’s obvious that the chief creative officer has elaborate bigger, more detailed plans for what’s to come. Cross our fingers.

The next Marvel Studios movie is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, an interdimensional journey that has raised the expectations of fans thanks to the recent release of its first trailer. 2022 is projected to be a phenomenal year for MCU products, perhaps higher than what we have seen in 2021.Kevin Feige Will you be able to break the records set by the most recent Avengers movies? The truth is that other studios have few opportunities to do it with their own films.

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Marvel Announces Avengers, X-Men and Eternals Crossover for 2022 | Tomatazos