María Félix: This is the banned La Doña movie that was canceled for “immoral” | PHOTOS

Although María Félix was an icon, and most of the mexicans they adored her performances and seeing her on the big screen, the truth is that there was a film starring “La doña” that did not have the same good reception from the public, because it was a film that despite having a novel proposal, was canceled by the audience.

It is about the movie “Love and sex”, also known as “Safo 63”, which was starred by Maria Felix together with Julio Alemán, in addition to being directed by Luis Alcoriza.

Why was it a “banned” movie?

This iconic and demonized film tells the story of Diana, an adult woman who falls in love with Raúl, a man 10 years her junior, so from the beginning, the date presents a panorama complicated Due to the fact that at this time it was well seen that men had romantic relationships with minor women; however, it was not frowned upon for older women to get involved with younger ones minors than them.

Despite the fact that this panorama within the film was already difficult to digest for a society that did not see these love relationships well, the truth is that the mayor plot twist occurs after the young man discovers that Diana, played by María Félix, has a ancient lover whom he visits in jail every week, making conjugal visits.

The novel behind this film

It should be noted that this forbidden film is based on the nineteenth century novel of the same name “Sappho” by the novelist French Alphonse Daudet.

This writer is known for works such as “Tartarín de Tarascón” and “Letters from my mill”, where the writer captures cruel loves surrounded by complicated panoramas to develop his romanticism, in addition to giving an erotic flavor to his stories, weigh that in these years it was not something well seen, so immediately, when making a film based on this novel and putting María Félix as hero, the scandal arose and they branded this film immoral.

This is because “La doña” showed her nude body in this film, and despite the fact that Maria’s nude was considered a construction site of art because there are several paintings in his honor, the truth is that already on the screen it was canceled and repudiated because they considered that this tape was an attack against the morality.