María Félix and the time she used a neckline across her back that shocked Mexico: PHOTO

Talk about Maria Felix is to talk about a woman who established herself as a star at the international for being part of the female icons of cinema in the Golden Age.

Inside the Golden Age of cinema Mexican, great stars shone that established themselves as icons of the seventh art, not only in our country, but also internationally, and one of the women in the guild artistic that carried the name of Mexico on high was precisely felix, also known as “La Doña”.

The legacy of María Félix and her work in the cinema

The talented actress born in poplars, Sonora, who married Jorge Negrete and Agustín Lara, acted in 47 movies, all of them films in which “La Doña” had leading roles.

In short, “María Félix” was recognized in countries such as France Y Spain, where he appeared in 11 Spanish, Italian-French and Italian-German.

The diva of the golden age of cinema in Mexico worked with great directors, such as Emilio “El Indio” Fernández and Roberto Gavaldón, with each recorded five movies.

Some of the most famous films under the acting seal of María Félix They are Doña Bárbara, which was released on September 16, 1943; La mujer sin alma, released on February 17, 1944, as well as La bandida and La generala.

The beauty of María Félix and the neckline with which she scandalized Mexico

Let us remember that in the own words of the actress who was the wife of Jorge Negrete, since “María Bonita” was a girl, she stood out from her sisters, and indicated that the origin of the bad relationship she had with her sisters was their difference physics, since they were almost blonde due to their Basque ancestry on their mother’s side; while the Doña, looked more like her father’s hair obscure.

And it is precisely under this scenario that Maria Felix stood out by accepting and appropriating herself as a beautiful and powerful woman, so He was never afraid to show his figure before the cameras, that is why on more than one occasion, “La Doña” received proposals to do naked; however, she no She agreed, because her future as an actress was already promising from the first moments.

But this did not prevent her from wearing outfits that she considered sensual, among them a dress that she elegantly wore and modeled with a prominent neckline on the back, it is under this panorama that a photo of the famous actress generated controversy and controversy, because even though it is not a nude, she showed the most bare back, which for the time was considered too much given the conservative and patriarchal panorama of the 50s, 60s and 70s.


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María Félix and the time she used a neckline across her back that shocked Mexico: PHOTO