Marcelo Mazzarello denounced that Florencia Peña had him cast out of a movie: ‘Ideology K’

Marcelo Mazzarello (56) he broke out in anger and made a scandalous complaint against Florence Peña (46). Full of fury, he assured in the networks that the actress asked to be separated from the filming of a movie in which they were going to share a cast.

“The power of visiting AF while we couldn’t see our relatives!”, was the phrase with which the actor began his message, making a clear allusion to the president of the Argentine Republic, Alberto Fernandez, and the entry of Flor Peña to the Olivos Residence in May 2020, during the social, preventive and compulsory isolation due to the pandemic of the coronavirus.

“The self-described referent Flor Peña made me throw myself out of a film that began in October”, Mazzarello said in his post on the bird’s social network, to later point against the Telefe host for her militancy in favor of Kirchnerism.

“Ideology K. Personal advantage to the detriment of someone else’s work”, said the actor recognized for his work in numerous fictions of Polka and El Trece, such as Without code, You’re my life and SIMON.

Marcelo Mazzarello’s tweet against Florencia Peña.

“Am I going to INADI? No. Guild? No. Justice? No. TW, concluded Mazzarello, making it clear that his accusation against the presenter of Team flower (Telefe, Monday to Friday 11.30am) will be fully mediated and through the social network in which it was expressed.

Peña visited Alberto Fernández in May 2020 in order, according to his explanation, to be able to talk about solutions for the actors’ industry in the face of the brake on their activities due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Other personalities from that area who entered the Quinta de Olivos at that time were Adrian Suar, Carlos Rottemberg and Luis Brandoni.

Mazzarello’s criticism of the Government

The 56-year-old actor raised his profile and did so mainly talking about politics from 2020, when his father passed away, although not due to Covid-19, but as a consequence of an hospitalization product of a subdural hematoma.

It was in June of last year when Mazzarello shared a tweet that generated a lot of controversy: “My old man died in my house two days ago. He left the clinic dehydrated, malnourished and over medicated. The pandemic became an excuse to abandon patients who do not have COVID. They are the dead that do not appear in the statistics. They are the dead of the health dictatorship“.

Last year, Mazzarello attacked the government after the death of his father.

Last year, Mazzarello attacked the government after the death of his father.

The artist explained, in dialogue with Clarion, that his father was hospitalized after a fall at home, and that when the coronavirus pandemic reached Argentina, she was never able to enter the clinic to see him again. “He had been left prostrate with sequelae that were not permanent. He had a sacral eschar, a tracheostomy and was fed by nasogastric tube,” he explained.

“I began to see his deterioration over the phone. I insisted on seeing him and tried to file an appeal to visit him, but there is no Justice because the courts were closed. He became a hostage to this situation and continued to deteriorate. The probe was covered and the sacral eschar had worsened but they did not tell me that “, described the actor.

The only day that Mazzarello managed to enter the hospital where his father was interned, made the decision to get him out of there and take him home, where he finally died.

Since then, the actor who will play Carlos Bilardo in Maradona, blessed dream (Amazon Prime Video) has become one of the most critical voices towards the Alberto Fernández government and the decisions they made regarding the pandemic. In January 2021, he spoke out against nighttime restrictions, calling them a “constitutional outrage”.


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