June 9, 2021

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Many changes: These are the 10 most-watched original movies on Netflix to date

Many changes These are the 10 most watched original movies on

Undoubtedly, streaming platforms have made us a strike in the last yearBecause with the confinement we had no choice but to watch movies and series as if there were no tomorrow. And for that, Netflix it paints itself, because during 2020 and part of this 2021 it announced great premieres on its platform, but perhaps the most exciting thing is all the original content they announced they would add to their already immense catalog.

During the first months of this year, the service announced a huge plan with which practically, every week we would have a new tape to enjoy at home. Little by little, highly anticipated productions appeared and others that unintentionally blew our minds, and of course the worldwide audience also spoke, because they supported all these premieres in such a way that they are breaking a lot of records.


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‘Rescue Mission’ is still the most watched movie on Netflix

As every year, different media publish their lists with Netflix’s most viewed original movies. And this time, Deadline published an article in which for the second year in a row it appeared Rescue Mission in the first place, although the most surprising of all is that some important films and that even won Oscars like The Irishman they are not present this time. Of course, there are new films that broke it.

For them to check the data, Enola Holmes, The Old Guard, The Midnight Sky, Project Power and the most recent of all, Army of the dead Zack Snyder entered this list with just a few months on the platform. But hey, a lot of writing and little action, This is the ranking with all the productions that have the most views in the streaming giant’s catalog:

Netflix reunites Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill in the movie 'Enola Holmes'!

Photo: Netflix

1.- Rescue Mission (Extraction) – 99 million views

two.- Bird Box – 89 million views

3.- Spenser Confidential – 85 million views

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Alan Arkin shares credits with Wahlberg and Duke. / Photos: Courtesy Netflix.

4.- 6 Underground – 83 million views

5.- Murder Mystery – 83 million views

6.- The Old Guard – 78 million views

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Nile, Nicky, Andy and Joe, characters from The Old Guard. / Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

7.- Enola Holmes – 76 million views

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Enola Holmes / Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

8.- Project Power – 75 million views

9.- Tie between Army of the dead Y The Midnight Sky – 72 million views