Manolo Caro, at his best and wanting to be a father

Yes, with this renewed maturity, Manolo assures: “I have to understand if I want to be a father or not, and in what configuration I am going to do it. Being a homosexual person, knowing that, from the beginning, the basic formula of fatherhood is not going to happen to me, if I do, I have to question which way will be the best.”

now to Expensive It’s up to him to do this important introspection to know how and when he will start looking for the way to be a father: “I feel ready, but I also know that it is a moment in my career in which I have to prioritize and realize what is convenient, I I’d love to think I’d be a dad soon.”

Manolo Caro lives a full stage, of greater maturity.

As you take that important step, from what Manolo If he is more than convinced, it is that “the scheme and the form is something that I will keep very private because I am interested in keeping my personal life along those lines. Yes, I can tell you that my eyes have been opened on many issues”, in largely thanks to the series that recently premiered.

‘Sagrada familia’, his most personal project

It was exactly this thriller Spanish that brought about a fundamental change in the way of thinking of Expensivealthough he reaffirms that since always “the art I make and the stories I tell I do to question myself and to be a better human being, that is my goal and my day to day, with each project I present”.

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In Sacred Family, Manolo permission was given to show “a personal side, very mine, I can tell you that I feel with many answers that I had when I started to develop the series”. And he turned it into the closing of his own trilogy, which began with the house of flowerscontinued with someone has to die and now it ends.

This does not mean that the familiar will fall off the radar of Expensive: “There is still a part of that nucleus that I would like to explore, I would like to do it in my country, return to work in Mexico, I have been living in Spain for several years, I think I will continue here, but I would like to return to tell one last part that I have in mind”.

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Manolo Caro, at his best and wanting to be a father