‘Maligno’ crashes at the box office with one of the worst releases in history in the United States for a film released in more than 3000 theaters

A few weeks ago we told you that ‘Reminiscence’ had gotten worst premiere ever in America for a movie released in more than 3000 cinemas. Well, today is another bad news for Warner, given that ‘Evil one’ has also marked unot one of the worst pitches of all time in those same circumstances.


The new horror movie directed by James Wan | has been content with a meager 5.57 million dollars in 3,485 cinemas. That puts it 15th for worst releases released in more than 3,000 theaters, just above ‘Powerful minds’ and its 5.84 million and behind ‘Marianne and the love potion’, which remained at 5.5 million.

Of course, the data is even worse if we look at the average collection, since ‘Maligno’ has entered $ 1,598 per cinema, which is the seventh worst average for a launch of these characteristics. It is true that this is almost triple that of the 597 of ‘Reminiscence’, which also occupies the first position here, but it is still very low data, that the film it cost 40 million dollars. Practically the same as ‘The Warren File: Forced by the Demon’, which raised almost five times during his first weekend in the United States …

Also, ‘Maligno’ didn’t even manage to snatch number 2 at the box office from ‘Free Guy’, which in its fifth week in theaters added 5.81 million dollars for a total for now in the United States of 101.8 million. The first position kept it ‘Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings’ with a second weekend in the vein of other prepandemic Marvel adventures.

Finally, it is worth noting that Warner’s strategy of releasing all of its 2021 films simultaneously in theaters and HBO Max has made it achieve three of the fifteen worst releases in history in more than 3,000 theaters. The other great affected was the stupendous ‘Those who wish my death’, which had to settle for $ 2.8 million, the third worst premiere in absolute terms and the second if we look at the average for cinemas with a Pyrrhic $ 888 per theater.

Logical that Warner already made it clear long ago that in 2022 no simultaneous premieres.

Article: Soure