Lyn May RACED against Vitola in an epic dance battle; VIDEO

The famous Mexican film actress and vedette Lyn May, It has sparked controversy, after revealing that she was pregnant at 68 years of age, which has generated comments both in the media and on social networks by thousands of Internet users, especially on Twitter.

Under this panorama, people have interested more about their life, just as the media do for such a statement.

In addition, the famous returned to the attention of the media and social networks, after returning to the small screen, specifically in the morning show, Venga la Alegría.

Lyn May’s career

Recall that the famous has starred in successful ribbons such as “Stray dog”, “Las perfumadas”, “La casa de la noche”, and “Las ficheras”.

Lyn May He was born in Acapulco de Juárez, Guerrero in Mexico in 1952; She is the oldest of five siblings, who like her have ancestry china.

The famous He lived his childhood in a famous neighborhood called La Mira, which is located on a hill in Acapulco near the creek, where he lived with his maternal grandmother and great-grandfather.

About his private life

After marrying a 42-year-old Mexican sailor, the famous woman moved alongside him to Mexico City; They had two daughters in three years of relationship, since the famous decided to end it because she suffered from domestic violence.

In this sense, people have also wondered about her artistic career, specifically about her participation in Mexican cinema, where she shared the screen alongside great women and figures of the world. seventh art Mexican.

As it happened with Fannie Kauffman, better known as “Vitola“, who stood out for being one of the most recognized artists in the golden film era of participating with different actors and actresses who at that time were forging their career which today is remembered with admiration by thousands of persons.

The career of “Vitola”

Fannie Kauffman, better known as “Vitola“was born in Toronto, Canada on April 11, 1924 and died in Mexico City on February 21, 2009; They are a Canadian actress and comedian, nationalized Mexican, who managed to surprise on stage after various appearances, especially within the who.

In this sense, people wonder more about their life private and how he came to achieve the stardom that is remembered today for his legacy, specifically for his son Humberto Elizondo who is a recognized actor in our country.

Kauffman was just a baby when she was brought to Cuba by her parents on a third-class train, where her father would work as a dry cleaner while she took classes in I sing and declamation, because at the beginning his vocation was the Opera, where he found a great passion in his life.

He worked with Tin Tan and Lyn May

It was until she was 21 years old that the actress lived in Havana Cuba, but she decided to seek an artistic path in Mexico City where she managed to make her debut in the Abreu theater as a singer, but a few years later she began her career as a comedy actress in Mexican cinema, specifically in the film “Women finished.” film directed by Ramón Peón.

Later the famous married him diplomatic Monterrey Humberto Elizondo, father of her son and actor also named Humberto Elizondo.

Later, she was requested to act in various film productions, thus having an important participation within the guild film Mexican next to Germán Valdés “Tin tan”, where he demonstrated his capacity for humor, as well as his originality and also his talent when dancing.

They starred in the tape “Burlesque”

It should be noted that his performance and career reached the peak until the 80s, after being able to participate in the film “Burlesque”, a Mexican film directed by René Cardona which was signed in 1980 and also starring Alma Muriel, Lucy Gallardo, Angélica Chaín and Lyn May.

Burlesque, follows a story from cabaret nights at the “Burlesque”, Where various and peculiar stories take place, where two vedettes, Mink, who is played by Lyn May, and Gina, played by Angélica Chaín, compete to get the favors of a famous film producer, while Christian tries to flee from the harassment suffered in that place.

In addition, this film tells the story of “La Sexy loca”, interpreted by Fanny Kaufman “Vitola”, who also struggles to compete with young women among clients, since their “best times” are over.

Article: Soure