Luisito Comunica reveals what he does so that no one sits next to him at the cinema

Luisito Communicatesone of the Mexican youtubers with the most followers, revealed during an interview that he doesn’t like other people to sit next to him when he goes to a movie theaterso what it does is buy the seats next to yours.

In the radio program “What movie to see”, hosted by Gaby Meza in Exa, Luisito Comunica was invited to promote the tape “Sonic 2”and it was there that he confessed what he does when he goes to see a movie on the big screen, something of which he is not very proud.

“I am going to make a confession that does not make me proud: I have a very bad habit, what an eye, it only affects when they are highly valued films, when not, I think that it even benefits everyone, but the truth… Let’s suppose that I go with someone, but nor buy two seats, buy four or even six”, revealed the youtuber.

Luisito Comunica buys several seats at the cinema for greater comfort

The reason the 31-year-old influencer does this is because: “I am very special when they are chewing, laughing, talking”. Luisito explained this situation in detail:

So, when I go to the conventional room, I buy two more on each side. And if I go to platinum or VIP rooms, I buy one and one, but it’s also half lacry on my part because if you buy one and one nobody is going to buy the other, because in the VIP everything goes two by two. It is half a scourge on my part, ”he declared in his interview.

Although he said that when they are highly valued films “I am more considerate and I don’t do it, because just if you want tickets for Spiderman that there aren’t, there I am more considerate. But when there are more movies than the room is not full, I think everyone benefits”, he commented.

However, Luisito Comunica, who has accumulated his fortune thanks to the internetalso revealed that: “The worst of all is that later I do what I don’t like them to do, me and my girlfriend in the cinema are the maximum güiris, which speaks of my hypocrisy”.

How much does Luisito Comunica’s channel earn?

Luisito Comunica reveals what he does so that no one sits next to him at the cinema

Luisito also has other businesses that have helped him increase his profits/Photo: El Universo

With more than 38 million subscribers on his YouTube channelthe website, reported that Luisito Comunica earns approximately in a month only for his videos 75.3 thousand euroswhich would become almost two million Mexican pesos. Thanks to this, you can afford to buy several tickets at the cinema.

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Luisito Comunica reveals what he does so that no one sits next to him at the cinema