Luis Miguel did not know Disney movies. “I lived a childhood with other kinds of things”

Much has been said about the hard childhood what did the singer have Luis Miguelwho at age 11 debuted as a professional singer at the wedding of the daughter of José López Portillo, former president of Mexico, on May 29, 1981, as he had the support of one of his father’s friends, Arturo Durazo Moreno, then Police chief of the Federal District (today Mexico City).

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In accordance with “Luis Miguel, the series“, produced by Netflix, the singer of “La Incondicional” was a very precocious child, pressured by Luisito Rey, who was his father and manager. In the sixth chapter of the first season it is revealed that Luismi’s father, endorsed by the family pediatrician, began to give him ephedrine without having a history of respiratory problems in order for the minor to endure the strenuous work days.

And, according to the same series, Luis Miguel He began his sexual life at the age of 14 pushed by his father, who hired a prostitute for that purpose.

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Luis Miguel did not know Disney movies

With an almost non-existent childhood, when Luis Miguel was 22 years old, in 1992, he confessed to the host Raúl Velasco for the program “Siempre en Domingo” that he, as a child, did not know the movies of Disney.

“There are things that make you sad, right? For example, I had to comment in a meeting… ‘no, that the Cinderella movie, the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ movie and I said: ‘no, well I I haven’t seen any of those movies.

“Haven’t you seen them?” asked Raúl Velasco. “No, I lived a childhood… a little different and with other kinds of things. I mean, Walt Disney was a little more in reality and I didn’t want to stay with that temptation and now that I’m in Los Angeles, I’m recording my album there and that I am producing and other things, well, I rented many of those films and started to watch them,” he said.

“They are beautiful films that give you a sense of humanity, of the subtlety of things in relationships, they give tenderness,” the singer confessed. “101 Dalmatians, for example, of puppies, and I loved that kind of thing, I really enjoyed it and I’m going to continue watching it, too.”

Since then and with a life full of world successes but also of loneliness and child abuse, Luis Miguel has led a life in absolute secrecy and has only wanted to tell certain parts of his life through the Netflix series, of which he is also a producer.

Instead, the children he had with Aracely Arámbula, Daniel and Miguel, have had a life more in line with their age, away from the media spotlight. They have known Disney movies and have even visited the famous amusement park.

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Luis Miguel did not know Disney movies. “I lived a childhood with other kinds of things”