‘Love, Death and Robots’: everything it has given us on Netflix

TO the shorts They have not been paid much attention to them since commercial cinema sessions focus on feature films, and customs such as that of Pixar, what includes a short story before the screening of each of their films, they are very much appreciated. As much as Love, Death and Robots (Tim Miller, since 2019), one of the most particular Netflix series that we can find in its large catalog.

Because this format of anthology with animated fleeting stories It is not fashionable at all, and it helps us to meet filmmakers of the genre to whom, otherwise, it is very easy that we never paid attention to them even if they were nominated for awards such as the Oscars. Yes, Disney Plus also has SparkShorts (2019-2020) and Short circuit (2020), but their concept is different.

Unlike these last two compilations, Love, Death and Robots it has been conceived as a thematic unit, a generic set in which its ingredients are repeated. Like animated ultrarealism —With “Lucky 13” (1 × 13) at the pinnacle of this impressive feature— by science fiction and fantasy for adults, with motion capture and no fussiness in terms of gore, in most of the shorts, which reminds us of its most outstanding pioneer: “The last flight of Osiris”, Directed by Andrew R. Jones, from the anthology Animatrix (2003).

Nevertheless, talso there is animation traditional in the same tone, digitized with a nice design or almost to the A Scanner Darkly (Richard Linklater, 2006), stop motion and even a combination of real images and animated compositions.

The talents behind ‘Love, Death and Robots’


At the head of this showy salad for the Netflix series is the aforementioned Tim miller, a Maryland-born filmmaker who was hardened by animated shorts like Unsuccessful Aunt luisa (2002), with Paul Taylor, Rockfish (2003) e Iron Man, Hulk and Spider-Man (2006), the funny The goon (2008) according to the homonymous comic by Eric Powell, the possibilist DC Universe Online (2010) and the mocho Halo 4: Scanned (2012).