Like ‘Iron Man’, but badly: it is one of the worst superhero movies that exist, but nothing else could be expected

The result is not a technical masterpiece like the one Tony Stark did with his armor, but a film that critics gave a zero like a house.

sProbably many will have wanted to forget it and in Spain it did not even go through the movie theaters, but in 2016 the forgettable film Max Steel was released in various parts of the world, probably one of the worst superhero movies out there.

Unlike a large part of the films of the genre, the film signed by Stewart Hendler is not based on a comic series, but on a collection of action figures from the company Mattel and the animated series that was produced after its release. . Ironically, though, far from setting it apart, the film turned out to be fairly generic, borrowing a bunch of recognizable clichés from some of the most popular comic book franchises. With a bad result, yes, and very very far from being close to the technical masterpiece that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) did welding his incredible armor of Hombre de Hierro.

To recapitulate a bit, MaxSteel made the leap to the big screen, leaving behind the animated series to offer us a story with real characters led by a teenager who discovers that he can generate an incredible blue colored energy called TURBO which allows him to protect the world from the worst villains. The premise does not give us cold or heat, but the reviews obtained by the tape speak for themselves: on the critics portal Rotten Tomatoes the film has 0% positive feedbackin front of 48% of the audience, while on Metacritic its score barely reaches 3.

Furthermore, as if that were not enough, despite the mini-budget with which he counted, MaxSteel turned out to be a disastrous box office flop, with a miserable collection of 6.3 million dollars at the US box office that did not even cover the costs of its promotion.

But long before its release, the film had already suffered its first blow: in 2009, the then famous werewolf of Twilight Taylor Lautner was slated to star in the live-action version, but when the time finally came in 2016, the unknown Ben Winchell replaced him. And that also meant a significant reduction in the budget. In the end, the toy company Mattel only had between five and ten million dollars, far from the figures managed by its main competitor, Hasbro, much more generous with Transformers, Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins or Barbie.

A little entertaining plot and pretty poor action scenes

The starting point of MaxSteel it was the move of its protagonist, the teenager Max McGrath (Ben Winchell), who returns to the place where his father died in a laboratory accident years ago. As he quickly falls in love with the sweet Sofía (Ana Villafañe) at his new high school, his body begins to undergo changes that go beyond hormones.

Without knowing why, Max begins to build up energy and electrically charges himself over and over again until the thing becomes uncontrollable. However, to aid him was an alien, robot-like creature named Steel, who helped familiarize him with his newfound powers. Together, alien and teenager, they mutate as the invincible superhero Max Steel.

Although the parallels with Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, are evident in this plot, Ben Winchell is a far cry from Tom Holland or Tobey Maguire. But the fault is not only his, but also the little charisma of his buddy and his inappropriate humor.

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Like ‘Iron Man’, but badly: it is one of the worst superhero movies that exist, but nothing else could be expected