Lightyear is raining criticism for lesbian history: “Disney out of my house!”

Lightyear, the new Disney and Pixar film, which shows the story of a relationship between two women and a lesbian kiss, has received harsh criticism on social networks.

The spinoff from the Toy Story saga, has been banned in 14 countries and has provoked the reaction of institutions such as Ecuadorian family who oppose its projection.

According to the Deadline website, Lightyear grossed just $51 million in the United States in the first three days of release, a very low number considering that projections pointed to between 70 and 100 million dollars in its first weekend.

A Disney Latino promotional tweet that shows a preview of the tape, although it receives signs of support, it also has a large number of critical responses, such as that of Patricia Feraudwho recalls that “the education of children is the responsibility of parents. At three years they should not see these scenes. When they grow up they will already have a criterion to say”.

“You use your power to manipulate. Disney out of my house,” she assured.

For Joseph Christopher Disney is on a wrong course. Whoever wants to be homosexual can decide from the age of 18 without any problem. But from there to putting content classified C disguised for minors is wrong. The institutions in charge of classifying films are blind.”

Miriam V Gomez tells Disney and Pixar the following: “Excuse me but sex education is decided by parents”.

“From now on they should make movies with scenes for LGBT people and omit those scenes for which we seek to educate our children with our values, and when they are of a reasonable age they would say whether our values ​​are okay or not. And not imposing an idea”, says Mariano Hernandez.

Account Pava Uribe Advisors points out that “I have 2 children and they are already restricted from watching Disney movies, I canceled my subscription to that platform. I do not agree with the indoctrination that they are looking for with their movies”.

“What is the need to include that content in the movie? If the movie is for children, what message do you want to give? questions Patricia Ayala.

“Children under 10 years old still do not have defined criteria, they do not understand this type of situation 100%, I do not see the logic,” he adds.

In the opinion of Julius Lopez “The reflection is simple: if you don’t react now, that the lesbian scene lasts less than a minute, soon we will have complete movies with this trend.”

“Therefore, the position against these trends must be taken now,” he concludes.

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Lightyear is raining criticism for lesbian history: “Disney out of my house!”