Leaked photos of Michael Keaton as Batman on the set of ‘Batgirl’

Four photos have been leaked Michael Keaton Interpreting Batman on the recording set of batgirl. The film centered on the character of Barbara Gordon, produced by DC Films to be released in hbo max It will be released on a date not yet determined in 2022.

The images were published by the Twitter account Batgirl Film News with Keaton wearing the classic suit of Batman, causing a real stir in the social network. It’s the first time we’ve seen the actor play Bruce Wayne in thirty years. The last time he did it was in batman returns (1992).

It is also expected that we will see Michael Keaton playing Batman in the movie of Flash to be released on November 4, 2022. The film, in theory, will open the multiverse within the DC Extended Universe.

It is not the first time that images have been leaked within the production of batgirl. Weeks ago we had the opportunity to see the classic batman costume for the first time in decades, with hardly any changes, thanks to photos from the set. They were posted by the same Twitter account.

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Leaked photos of Michael Keaton as Batman on the set of ‘Batgirl’