June 10, 2021

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‘Lamentable stories’: Javier Fesser’s latest comedy finally hits theaters after its premiere on Amazon

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What is promised is debt. Last year it was released ‘Regrettable stories‘, the last film of Javier Fesser, directly in Amazon and its arrival in theaters was postponed until “spring 2021.” The pandemic, according to the filmmaker, motivated this decision. Now, about to start the summer, the comedy will finally be available on the big screen.

Fesser’s humor returns to theaters

It will from this Friday, June 11 at the Kinépolis chain halls in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Alicante and Granada. Viewers who, unfortunately, do not have the opportunity to enjoy ‘Regrettable Stories’ in these cinemas continue to have the option of accessing the film in the Amazon Prime Video catalog from the comfort of the sofa, the bed or wherever you want.

After succeeding with ‘Champions‘, winner of 3 Goya Awards (including best film of the year), Javier Fesser returns to the most absurd humor of his beginnings. In ‘Lamentable Stories’, the director and co-writer mixes the everyday with the extraordinary in a dizzying journey through a selection of stories where reality is taken to unimaginable limits. The cast is led by Chani Martín, Laura Gómez-La Cueva, Janick, Alberto Castrillo-Ferrer, Pol López and Fernando San Segundo, among others.

Ramón, a timid young man about to inherit the empire built by his rigorous father; Bermejo, a sick vacationer of order and an enemy of improvisation; Ayoub, an African without papers who pursues his dream accompanied by a woman who seems to have lost them all; and Alipio, a small businessman plunged into a pit of gambling and despair, star in this four-story comedy. Stories that lead us to the conclusion that nothing is as funny as the misfortune of others, and that the worse the protagonists have the better the viewer will have it.

For his part, Fesser explains his film with these words: “is a selection of stories full of humor, tenderness, bad temper and emotion. They are independent but interconnected stories where the viewer is going to contemplate, with a smile from ear to ear, many of the things he ‘thinks’ will never happen to him. Poor me“.