Lalo Spain will work with Rob Schneider in a film in Spanish: “A young promise”

(Photo: @laloespanaoficial/Instagram)

Eduardo Spain surprised his social media followers with the first images of his next film project and, with great pride, he boasted that during his first calls he had the opportunity to work alongside Rob Schneiderfilm director and renowned American actor who has earned the affection of the Mexican public not only for his performances, but also for the strong love he feels for the country.

During the afternoon of last Thursday, April 28, the actor who gives life to German in Neighbours He turned to his Instagram account to share a photo with Rob Schneider. In the image you can see the artists very happy in what appears to be a parking lot and what most caught the attention of the users of the platform was the gesture made by the American, since his characteristic sense of humor stood out.

Today working on the movie #amoresamor with my new director and scene partner. a young promise”, he wrote inside his publication.

(Photo: @laloespanaoficial/Instagram)
(Photo: @laloespanaoficial/Instagram)

With this, Lalo Spain confirmed that he is part of the cast of Love is lovea Spanish-language film directed by a native of San Francisco, California, and starring Vadhir Derbez. Other actors who will participate are Christian Vazquez (3 idiots, I take you with me, I faust) Y Paulina Davila (Wild rhythm, Lost, After you), current sentimental partner of John Paul Medina.

The story would have been written by Patricia Maya, wife of Rob Schneider, and will soon be available on Paramount+. So far, more details about the project are unknown, but it is expected that the promotion will begin in the following months since the cast is currently in the production process.

In action directed by the great Rob Schneider. An honor. called in the movie”, added the Mexican actor in another post.

Eduardo España auditioned to play "Chespirito" in his biographical project.  (Photo: Instagram@laloespanaoficial)
Eduardo España auditioned to play “Chespirito” in his biographical project. (Photo: Instagram@laloespanaoficial)

The reactions were immediate and the comment box was filled with messages of affection, good wishes and congratulations for the Mexican interpreter.

“How cool Lalo! Enjoy a lot”. “Rob is the best!!!….but so are you!!”. “Congratulations, you deserve it, you are a great actor!!!”. “Two great actors”. “A lot of talent in this photo.” “What singles I love”, were some messages.

Some figures from the national media also left their impressions and, as expected, they applauded the actor for his achievement. One of them was Gaby Platas, who wrote: “What happiness, Kid! That rookie comedian looks like someone I might like a lot.”.

(Photos: Instagram @vadhird / @iamrobschneider)
(Photos: Instagram @vadhird / @iamrobschneider)

Rob Schneider is in Mexico to participate in the production of the film and a few days ago he was captured with Eugenio Derbez and Vadhir in CDMX. The actors caused a sensation among the public and speculation began about whether they would work together, now it is known that Aislinn’s brother, José Eduardo and Aitana will star in the American film.

The interpreter of Gigolo by accident gave a short interview to windowing hinted at the admiration he feels for the creator of XHDBZ and he confessed that after meeting Vadhir qualities that will catapult him to international stardom.

“Eugenio is a genius, he is the most talented in the world, not only from Mexico, excellent, but Vadhir, his son, is incredible, he is funny, funny, also serious in his acting, excellent. Look, I promise you, he is a promise, Vadhir Derbez He is going to go for more, he will be a star all over the world, absolutely,” he said.

Rob Schneider with his wife Patricia Maya.  (Photo: Instagram/ @iamrobschneider)
Rob Schneider with his wife Patricia Maya. (Photo: Instagram/ @iamrobschneider)

He also reiterated his love for the country and shared that the story of Love is love belongs to his partner: “Mexico is fantastic, I love Mexico City very much, it is incredible. My wife is from Chilanga, yes, from Monterrey, Patricia is from Chilanga, she is incredible. She wrote the script, the script is amazing, so I’m very happy, I’m very grateful to be working in Mexico City.”


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Lalo Spain will work with Rob Schneider in a film in Spanish: “A young promise”