Lali’s fiery proposal to Leonardo Sbaraglia: “I want”

Lali Esposito published the backstage video (behind the scenes) of N5the last video clip he released, and included a scene with a spicy flirtation with the movie actor Leonardo Sbaraglia. “I just want to kiss you,” the artist is heard saying in one of the fragments of her talk with the mature heartthrob.

“I invited you because I just want to kiss you,” Lali confesses to Sbaraglia in one of the moments of the video, while both exchange knowing glances and smiles. “I really don’t like the way you act,” added the singer, jokingly, to provoke the actor.

In the minutes before filming a scene in which they enter the room, Lali Espósito cannot resist a nervous smile and looks at Sbaraglia, who takes advantage of the moment to launch, smiling, a seductive: “What’s wrong? Are you afraid of me? No, go ahead.” The scene ends with both arm in arm and tempted with laughter.

Is It is not the first time that Espósito and Sbaraglia have coincided on a project. In 2018, they played father and daughter in the thriller Accused, directed by Gonzalo Tobal. The film follows the story of a young student (Lali) who is the only one accused of the brutal murder of her best friend, a case that is broadcast endlessly by the media. Cornered by the evidence, the girl must face her own doubts about what really happened.

Marley surprised La Voz Argentina with an unusual question to Lali Esposito: “A mystery”

The singer starred in a hilarious moment with Marley in The Argentine Voice (Telefe)a program in which they work together, after the driver wondered how tall or short would your child be if you had one together. It all started when two participants, both named Sofía and belonging to Ricardo Montaner’s team, faced each other in the battles. While Sofía Maqueira is an accounting analyst, Sofía Schiaffino is a geneticist, that is, a specialist in genetics. Marley was very curious about his profession and took advantage of the moment to ask him an unusual question..

“Geneticist… sounds very complicated! Let’s see, for example, what would come of a son of Lali and me? What is the height? Does it average or does it go to my side or to Lali’s side?“Inquired the driver, who is 1.91 m tall, while Lali is 1.54 m tall. “A medium size, for sure,” he joked Esposito.

Everyone on the jury laughed at her occurrence and the contestant replied that “it’s a mystery,” since genetics is often unpredictable. “Let’s hope he doesn’t go to his side because I’m the one who has to stop the boy,” Lali said, generating a general laugh throughout the studio.. “I ask that we please take into account the little body. We are going to find a middle point,” the artist closed.

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Lali’s fiery proposal to Leonardo Sbaraglia: “I want”