‘La justiciera’: a forceful thriller with Olivia Wilde turned into an avenging angel different from the usual

The race of Olivia wilde received a big boost in 2019 thanks to the premiere of ‘Super nerds’, her first job as a director. Just a few months before that happened, it hit theaters ‘The justice’, a priori another film within the people who take justice into their own hands with violent methods to see how criminals get away with it.

Surely that led to many of you letting it go by at the time, but today you have a good chance to get it back, since laSexta broadcasts it tonight from 22:30. I am not going to deceive you and tell you that this is an essential film, but it is an interesting addition to the stories of urban vigilantes.

Another type of vigilante cinema

A constant in the films with stories similar to those of ‘The Justice’ is that the trauma suffered by its main character is used more as a spur to clean the streets of living scum without stopping to ask much more about it. In the case at hand, violent content is reduced for the sake of a more dramatic approach that relies on Wilde knows how to carry the full weight of the show on his shoulders.

That leads to ‘La justice’ show two different facetsOn the one hand, that of a kind of avenging angel who helps other people who suffer from some type of abusive home, showing in those cases an unquestionable determination without necessarily implying the death of the person responsible.

On the other hand, we have that she is also a victim, something that the film gradually unravels until it becomes the axis of the function. There it is true that the film would have appreciated a somewhat more polished libretto, since sometimes Sarah Daggar-Nickson, scriptwriter director of ‘La justiciera’, is unnecessarily complicated, thus weighing down what would have worked better with a clearer commitment to conciseness.

That does not mean that there are interesting elements in the staging of Daggar-Nickson, who seeks to visually mimic the film with the psychological state of its protagonist, both in the colors that stand out the most in photography as in the handling of the camera. . I was wanting to see more of his.

However, above all who shines is a very convincing Wilde, both when she has to impose her law in more physical situations and when she has to show her scars, both physical and, above all, emotional. In addition, the film makes little use of the dialogue, so all that anger and pain must be transmitted through silence, something that may despair some viewers, but that I personally think it suits ‘La justiciera’ very well.

Olivia Wilde The Justice

The ticket office tour of ‘La justiciera’ was practically non-existent, being seen in theaters in just a handful of countries. If for whatever reason it doesn’t suit you to see it on television today, you also have it available on Amazon Prime Video.