Kristoff launches against Omar Chaparro and his performance in Blackout: “his thing is to play the clown”

  • Kristoff has a YouTube channel where he criticizes movies.
  • Omar Chaparro acted alongside Josh Duhamel and Bárbara de Regil in the movie ‘Blackout’.
  • Kristoff criticized not only Omar Chaparro but the entire film, describing how he couldn’t even give a rating on how bad he thought it was.

Driver Kristoff Raczunskiwho currently has a YouTube channel where he criticizes some movies or series, published a video where he gave his opinion about the movie ‘Blackout’ or ‘Anmésico’ in Spanish, where they act Omar Chaparro and Barbara de Regil beside Josh Duhamel.

The video was titled ‘Omar Chaparro Doesn’t Learn’ and there, Kristoff showed his dislike for the work of the Mexican Omar Chaparro and began by saying, “a film by the Almada brothers has more quality than this filth. By telling them that Bárbara de Regil comes out as an extra and the villain of the film is Omar Chaparro… yes, a mafufada of epic proportions”.

Kristoff criticized everything from the poster to the film’s script, “For starters, look at that poster, the John Wick poster is stolen, you know, Netflix following the tradition of cheap for the Mexican, the story is a copy between Jason Bourne (from The Bourne Identity), The Avenger of the Future and John Wick obviously but everything is poorly done, it is poorly written, the dialogues are terrible, everything is badly acted, supposedly it is an action movie but the choreographies of the fights are crappy and the actors spit out the dialogue and are not credible at all. It shows that they only went for the check.”

He also criticized the look of the Mexican in the film and said, “At the hospital in Mexico, Omar Chaparro appears, seemingly dressed up for Halloween. Isn’t he just like Armand? Portrayed by Antonio Banderas in ‘Interview with the Vampire’ or maybe they were trying to copy Antonio Banderas in ‘Desperado’ or maybe Marco Antonio Solís. Whatever the intention, it didn’t work out for them and that wig is badly put on, it looks very fake and they can’t even do that well.

Kristoff destroys Omar Chaparro and his performance in Blackout

Kristoff kept nothing to himself and described what he saw as ‘mafufada’, “Seriously, I wonder if Omar Chaparro reads the scripts before accepting a character because none of this makes sense… it is a mafufada, the performance of Omar Chaparro is a mafufada”.

He also shared some crucial scene for the character of Omar and destroyed it by commenting, “And since we are talking about Omar, look how angry he is when he talks to the doctor… ugh, how intense, it seems that someone has been taking acting classes at the CEAis that it is crazy laughter, he doesn’t know how to be threatening. Not even the voice can modulate to command respect”.

“His thing is to play the little clown dancing with the makeup and hairstyle that does work out very well, acting … no”sentenced.

Kristoff destroys Omar Chaparro and his performance in Blackout

Finally, Kristoff mentioned that the low budget of the film was not an excuse to deliver the result that for him did not earn him any rating, “For me it is a very low quality film and its low budget is not an excuse to bring us such a mediocre production… everything here is crappysee how the blood comes out when they shoot Omar, the action scenes are generic using the crazy camera all shaking and all moving and the shooting scenes don’t make any sense because everyone misses two meters… the music is repetitive and annoying but perhaps worst of all is everyone’s poor acting performance… the voice actors enhance the film, this is a better experience in Spanish than in its original dubbing. Really ‘Amnesiac’ was a painful experience and that’s why I am not going to give him a rating because he does not deserve it, this is not a professional job, this is not only a lack of respect for cinema but also a lack of respect for his profession”, he concluded.

Despite Kristoff’s harsh criticism, ‘Blackout’ is within the Top 10 Most Watched on Netflix with 21 million, 90 thousand hours viewed this week.

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Kristoff launches against Omar Chaparro and his performance in Blackout: “his thing is to play the clown”