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Between September 2, 2021 and March 27, 2022, nearly seven months passed. 206 days, to be exact, separate the date chosen for the world premiere at the Venice Film Festival of spencerthe biopic on the figure of Diana of Wales, and the celebration of the Oscar awards gala, which each year puts the finishing touch to the season of cheers and cinematographic recognition. An overwhelming and strenuous career for any self-respecting performer or director and that, however, according to the effort and commitment displayed by those with enough fortune, talent and team of publicists to have a number, it seems to be very worthwhile. .

In the case of Kristen Stewart, who has worked for two decades, fifty films and a multimillion-dollar saga that made her one of the most famous young women in the world, her approach to the media Lady Di was her first great opportunity to get that Oscar that, as generation companions such as Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Stone have already achieved, will corroborate their privileged status in the industry. But after those 206 days, dozens of covers, interviews and twenty events that she attended in person between premieres, galas, panel discussions and various parties, Stewart left the red carpet of the Dolby Theater as the big loser of the awards season, seeing how six months of publicity work barely bore fruit in a couple of minor awards. A blow for any other interpreter but, in the case of the young woman who is now celebrating her 32nd birthday, accustomed as she is to reinvention since the majestic success of Twilightcan be the final push to turn her into a legend of the new Hollywood.

“I don’t want to sound like an idiot, but the Oscar race is a pretty exhausting and embarrassing thing.” We will never know if the bulk of the academics who bet on awarding the statuette for best actress to Jessica Chastain (for Tammy Faye’s eyes) did so attending exclusively to their cinematographic taste, but it gives the impression that statements such as the one offered by Kristen Stewart to The New Yorker in full swing of the competition, they did not help his candidacy too much. Although he has not hidden her enthusiasm for being nominated for the first time, she does not seem to be concerned that her name was not pronounced on stage: “This is all very political. You have to go out and talk to people, you feel like you’re a diplomat.” In another intervention she was more explicit on the value she gave to being nominated: “I don’t give a shit.”

Although without a statuette to place on the furniture in her living room, the media echo suffered by Kristen Stewart in recent months has only enhanced her image as a great Hollywood star, preserving that point of rebellion outsider that dazzles the masses. the same The New Yorker described her as the most interesting actress of her generation, the applause for her performance is unanimous, her stylistic versatility has shone on dozens of red carpets, the networks multiply the tweets that they cry out for justice for her and, before Will Smith decided to grab all the limelight by attacking Chris Rock, Stewart was already the big star of the night. Not only because of the groundbreaking suit with micro shorts by Chanel with which he broke the dress code imposed by the Academy that requires long skirts for women, but also because of the kiss that he starred in front of the photographers with his fiancée, the screenwriter Dylan Meyer , which did not take long go viral. Along with the Oscar won by Ariana DeBose (West Side Story), the Californian made sure that the recent Oscars were the most queer of history

Kristen Stewart and her fiancée, screenwriter Dylan Meyer, posed together on the red carpet. Photo: Getty

As critic Johnny Oleksinski points out in the new york post, “Sorry, but Kristen Stewart isn’t going to win an Oscar anytime soon.” After the missed opportunity, the actress is forced to start a new page in her career and, according to her statements, it does not seem that coveting the statuette with a desire worthy of Leonardo DiCaprio is going to be on her list of priorities. It could even be said that the spencer It has been a kind of toast to the sun in a filmography that has focused on renowned author projects for years (Trip to Sils Maria, Certain Women) or young filmmakers (the season of happiness) without longing to step on glamorous carpets. in the imminent crimes of the future will accompany Viggo Mortensen in David Cronenberg’s most transcendental and delirious return to science fiction and, later, will shoot with Steven Yeun (Minari) a futuristic drama that she has defined as “the love story between a satellite and a buoy”. A priori, it does not seem very close to the traditional menu of this type of gala.

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The actress meets director Pablo Larraín during the filming of ‘Spencer’. Photo: Cordon Press

Like his ex-partner in the professional – and personal – aspect Robert Pattinson did, Stewart bet just ten years ago (the last installment of the saga Twilight premiered in 2012), for completely detaching herself from her past as a pale-skinned teen icon and making a name for herself outside of big Hollywood productions. Both did not hesitate to adjust their payrolls and put their famous faces at the service of films destined to succeed more among the critics than among the popcorn public in multiplexes. A decade later, the success of the operation has been so resounding that Pattinson is allowed to savor the blockbuster honeys again with batman without anyone doubting her talent and Stewart, who has already denounced that several executives pressured her to hide her sexuality if she wanted to enter the Marvel universe, is now playing with the possibility of giving life to a “gay superheroine”.

Aware of the new stage that hangs over her after starring spencerthe young woman already outlined in a interview the aspects that will be most taken into account when choosing which projects to embark on. “Now I’m going to be a little more careful. I think I have a better nose to know what is going to be fruitful for me at the level of experience, even if it is not what is going to succeed the most in the world. Considering her predicament for bragging about her rebel profile for her sake, losing the Oscar may be the best thing that ever happened to Kristen Stewart.

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Kristen Stewart’s clean slate: the star forced to reinvent herself (again) at age 32 | Celebrities, VIPs | S Fashion THE COUNTRY