Kevin Feige suggests that Venom will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe | Tomatazos

Although we will not do spoilers about the end of Loki – 96%, and all fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are aware that the multiverse is a reality, and thanks to it (almost) everything can happen in the future, including an encounter between Venom from Tom Hardy (The origin – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos86%, The Dark Knight rises – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos87%, Mad Max: Fury Road – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos97%) and Spider-Man from Tom Holland (Spider-Man: Far From Home – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos82%, Avengers: Infinity War – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos79%, The impossible – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos81%).

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Venom is one of Spider-Man’s most popular villains, but instead of being part of the cinematic universe where The Avengers live, Sony gave him a solo movie in 2018 starring Tom Hardy, which seemed to nullify any possibility of crossover, except that the multiverse opens thousands of doors that previously seemed locked.

Kevin Feige, producer and mastermind of the franchise, recently spoke about the possibility of Venom joining it, and although his answer was somewhat ambiguous (something usual for him when asked controversial questions for fans), we can almost assure that this time it is more likely that he is anticipating the arrival of the character to the MCU. These were his words to Rotten Tomatoes:

Obviously, I don’t want to talk about rumors or speculation about what could and could not happen in regards to the characters that Marvel Studios has yet to bring to the screen. But I’ll say what I’ve always said, that after being with Marvel for 20 years I wouldn’t rule anything out. I wouldn’t rule out anything completely. When, how and where remains to be seen. Any rumors they read online could happen anytime between tomorrow and never.

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Talks about it go back to at least 2018, the year it was released Venom – 35%. The film was poorly received by critics but was a box office success and generated more or less good comments from the public. In 2019 the director of Spider-Man: Homecoming – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos92% Y Spider-Man: Far From Home He said that it would be something “very special” if they brought the Toms (Hardy and Holland) together in a movie, and Feige was also questioned about it at that time, this was his answer in an interview with Cinemablend:

I think it probably depends on Sony. They have both characters and they have Venom in their world. I don’t know what their plans are for another Venom movie or if they are making one. But it seems likely at some point.

At that time they were promoting Spider-Man: Far From HomeBut shortly after the premiere Marvel and Sony had a temporary separation that made fans suffer. Then there was reconciliation and with it came unexpected news, such as the announcement that Morbius, the new solo film of a Spider-Man villain, would connect with the arachnid universe, and the first trailer seemed to confirm this in two ways: with a poster on the wall that showed the superhero and with the appearance of Michael Keaton (Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos91%, Beetlejuice, the super ghost – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos81%, Hunger for Power – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos83%) as Vulture. How is it that both universes come together? Morbius set from the beginning in the MCU? Everything indicates that the multiverse is the answer.

The multiverse could also mean confirmation of the rumors we have heard since last year: the return of Tobey Maguire (The Master Play – 72%, The great Gatsby – 48%, Crazy weekend – 25%) Y Andrew Garfield (Until the Last Man – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos86%, Red Social – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos96%, A reason to live – 67%) to the Spider-Man roles they played before Tom Holland. The movie Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters this December, and after the end of Loki some are already assuring that the Spiderverse has been confirmed, but we will have to wait a little longer to say it for sure.

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