Kevin Costner: “I am very grateful to the director for remembering me to star in ‘One of Us”

The actor stars alongside Diane Lane in this ‘thriller’ about a retired police officer who after the death of his son tries to get his grandson back, in the hands of his daughter-in-law’s evil new family. Theatrical release on May 28.

Actor Kevin Costner (1955), winner of two Oscars and two Golden Globes, go back to the first line with One of us. The one who was one of the best paid actors in Hollywood, and also one of the most disappeared lately, this time embodies a Retired ‘sheriff’ who must fight to get his grandson back, with his wife, played by Diane Lane. When they find them, they discover that the family Weboy, with whom his daughter-in-law and grandson now live, has no intention of letting the little one go, so George Y Margaret they have no choice but to fight for their family.

The film, a kind of contemporary western, set in the 1950s in the American Midwest, is based on the novel Let him go, from Larry Watson. It is a ‘thriller’, which reminds us to be careful what you want and think about the price you are willing to pay. After the death of their son, whose loss they have not yet overcome, the marriage formed by George (Kevin Costner) and Margaret (Diane Lane) set out to recover their grandson, who now lives with his mother’s new family, a clan al limit of the law, and with whom mother and child could be in danger.

In this interview that SensaCine offers you in exclusive, the actor says that the film actually tells how a grandmother “is capable of fighting and doing whatever it takes to get her grandson back.” “So he embarks on a mission to save him, and although George knows that it is a dangerous path, we will undertake it together,” explains the actor who has more than 40 years of career and more than 50 films behind him.

One of us reunites Kevin Costner and DIane Lane, who already played a married couple as the parents of Superman on The man of steel in 2013, where both already demonstrated their chemistry working together. “Working with Diane Lane again and as it has been in this film is a clear example of the work of the interpreter, I love working with actors as incredibly prepared as Diane and with that talent. She is on another level, she is one of the best and has always been at the top from the first moment she stepped in front of a camera and appeared on a screen“the actor praises his partner.

The director of the film, Thomas Bezucha, adapted the novel together with the writer Larry Watson, and at all times he thought about the protagonist of The bodyguard for this role. Sometimes you remember movies like No forgivenessby Clint Eastwood. It’s an honor for Costner that the director and screenwriter have thought of him for a leading role after all these years. As it explains:

The experience with Thomas Bezucha was fantastic. We end up becoming friends. He knew what his role was and he understood my level of involvement because it was part of the character. Tom thought of me for this role, and I’m very grateful that he gave me the opportunity and thought of me and that he gave me the freedom to find my rhythm and my language within this role.

In addition, Costner also praises the script for One of us, which he describes as “wonderful”. “I hardly had to force myself to get into the role because there was already a great job done. The script was wonderful and I didn’t have to contribute anything that was not written on the pages, I just needed to get into the role and find the truth that was hidden in it and express it in a way that the audience could understand.“, says the actor, who began in the acting career almost by accident when he coincided on a flight with Richard Burton, an encounter that changed his destiny forever, and that made him change course, from a commercial career towards acting With great sacrifices along the way, even after going through college, he worked on fishing boats or as a truck driver in order to prepare to be an actor.

After a period disappeared from the first line, he returns to a leading role with this retired agent, in this classic-style thriller in which we invites us to reflect on the price of what we want.