Keanu Reeves: the complicated childhood and hard life of the successful actor of the Matrix

has managed to position himself as one of the best actors in action films that have been produced in the United States, although for the remembered “Neo” from the film “”Not everything was always happiness. This is due to the fact that during several years of his life he went through very difficult stages that he was able to overcome.

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Some of the films in which he has participated throughout his career in the cinema are “On the shore of the river” (1986); “Bill and Ted” (1989); “Point Break” (1991); “My Private Idaho” (1991); “Maximum speed” (1994); “The devil’s advocate” (1997); “Constantine” (2005); The Matrix (1999); among other.

Precisely, The Matrix is a science fiction film released in 1999 and was considered as the last turn of the millennium. There Keanu Reeves He plays Neo, the main character, who is a hacker who will be plunged into a series of otherities that are difficult to explain without ruining the plot. This was the beginning of a saga that marked an entire generation.

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But the life of Keanu Reeves It was not always rosy, as he had to face complex situations which he was finally able to overcome.


Your real name is Keanu Charles Reeves, was born in Beirut (Lebanon) on September 2, 1964, in addition to his acting talent, he is also a musician.

The first years of his childhood were spent in various countries such as Hawaii, Australia, New York and Toronto. For his roles in the cinema he has received some positive reviews due to his great performance in different productions.

His own characteristic is that he plays characters who have a mission to save the world, such as Ted Logan, Siddhartha Buddha, Neo, Johnny Mnemonic, John Constantine and Klaatu. With the film John Wick he won several awards and also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Today he is a great actor who tries to forget the hard times he lived in his childhood.


The actor lived in a very complicated environment because his father was an alcoholic and had serious problems with drugs.

When Keanu He was 15 years old, while living in Canada, he abandoned his conventional studies to enroll in a drama school, but he was not so lucky because he was expelled from the institution due to his rebellious and undisciplined character.

Shortly after, his father left home and divorced the actor’s mother. Your parent Samuel Nowlin Reeves He was sentenced to ten years in prison for drug trafficking.


Given this, Keanu Reeves decided to earn a living working in various trades in Canada. For this reason, he became a photographer, waiter, motorcycle mechanic and tree cutter, although at all times he wanted to become an actor.

It was in 1984 that he made his first appearances on Canadian television series. A year later he left Toronto to tour Canada and become an actor. The same year was his film debut with the movie “Dreams to believe.”

But in the early 90s, the actor again faced a severe blow in life. The actor participated in the movie “My Private Idaho” (1991) where he worked with his great friend, River Phoenix. In 1993 he received the news that his friend died of an overdose in California.

Later, he had a relationship with the actress Jennifer Syme, who participated in the movie “Lost Highway” but it was in 1999 when Reeves received the news that his wife lost their daughter who was on the way. It was only fifteen days before his birth.

But that was not all for the actor who in 2001 lost his wife in a tragic car accident after a crash on a Los Angeles freeway.

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