Keanu Reeves confessed that he wants to play Batman: “It has always been my dream”

Keanu Reeves spoke of his desire to play ‘Batman’ REUTERS/Carlos Osorio/File Photo

At the beginning of this month of July, it was two decades since the theatrical release of one of the most important superhero sagas in history, it was when the last film that began batmanbegins: “The Dark Knight Rises“, directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian bale.

This is important to mention, since like the recent antagonist of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in Thor: Love and Thunder, who said he would be willing to return to his outstanding character only if Christopher Nolan returned as a screenwriter, Keanu Reeves raised his hand to bring life to the protector of GothamCity.

And it is that without a doubt the character of the Dark Knight is one that has transcended in the seventh art thanks to the variety of stars that have embodied it as Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney or Ben Affleckwho have been the face of Batman in his leap from comics to the big screen; in the most recent adaptation Robert Pattinson brought the dark knight to life batman.

It should be remembered that Reeves could have played the character in the Joel Schumacher tape, batmanforever in 1995.

However, both he and Ethan Hawke declined and fell into the hands of Val Kilmer at a time when Warner Bros I was looking for a new actor to embody the iconic BruceWayne. This decision has taken its toll despite the fact that a little more than 2 decades have passed for the protagonist of the sagas of Matrix Y John Wick.

In this context, the renowned interpreter recognized that one of his “great dreams” for the future is to become Batman in a more mature version of the character, This is how he commented in a recent interview for Extra on your channel Youtube during the red carpet super pets, tape that will bring together the pets of the most important heroes of DC.

(Warner Bros./DC Comics)
(Warner Bros./DC Comics)

It’s always been a dream, but Pattinson is Batman right now and he’s doing amazing, so maybe in the future. Maybe when they need an older Batman”, remarked Keanu Reeves.

Currently Warner Bros has tried to get the most out of his franchise hero, since podcast until new versions of Dark Knight for its Latino users like the one recently released by HBO Max and DC Comics and, which, will have its development in Mexico.

Another of the projects at the door WB where Batman would act as the protagonist will be the prequel Flash where you can possibly see the version of the Dark Knight of Ben Affleck, as well as the triumphant return of the hero of Gotham City who embodied Michael Keaton in 1989 hand in hand by Tim Burton.

Front page "batman"
Cover “The Batman”

In the meantime, DC and Warner Bros. they are already preparing the future of the franchise batman in theaters again embodied by Robert Pattison and although a tentative date for the prequel Matt Reeves is not planned, he himself has already given details of what awaits the universe of Dark Knight.

What we’re really trying to do is launch this universe. If the world accepts this, we have many ideas that we want to do. Of course, we are talking about many things, but we are about to release this film and it all comes down to how people receive it, “he said in March before the premiere of batman for various media.


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Keanu Reeves confessed that he wants to play Batman: “It has always been my dream”