Jurassic Park. The story behind the iconic logo

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The history of the logo Jurassic park It looks like something out of a story. The image that revolutionized pop culture in the 90s could be very different, but thanks to the designer’s work Chip kidd, which broke his head for weeks, achieved one of the most iconic results in the history of cinema.

I want a dinosaur, without showing meat, scales, or eyes, but it is a dinosaur“Chip Kidd heard and immediately got to work, two years before the film was released, as it should be remembered that Michael Crichton’s book did not yet have that cover design.

Kidd received the indication to do something similar to the poster of Shark. “Simple, cute and super iconic, we want something like that.” The designer read the novel and visited the Museum of Natural Sciences of New York to observe the skeletons of dinosaurs. There he bought a book on these creatures and found an illustration of a Tyrannosaurus rex that got his attention.

Chip kidd photocopied the image and drew the black silhouette of this skeleton. That sketch surpassed all the previous ones and became the ideal for the cover of the book. and later for the film that broke box office records and today continues with a legacy of five films. In fact, the sixth film (Jurassic world 3) would feature part of the cast of Jurassic Park.

Mauro Lorenzo (@Lo_Mauro) has told this fantastic story in a thread within his Twitter account where he also told the story behind the famous logo of Ghostbuster.