Julio César Chávez: this was the condition that he put on his daughter Nicole to appear in The House of Famous

After the tremendous success of the reality show “The House of the Famous”, the producers already have almost everything ready to give the starting signal to the third season. In this case, one of the guests is Nicole Chavezdaughter of the expujilista Julio Cesar Chavez. The subject was presented in the Ventaneando entertainment program, where the drivers said they were unaware of the skills for which it was taken into account.

In this case, patty chapoy She said that she is a very pretty young woman who wants to be an actress, something that her partner questioned. Daniel bisogno who assured that he is the type of person who seeks fame as if it were the goal and not the journey. For his part, Peter Alone He was concerned, because in this type of programs “horrible things happen when they lock themselves in a room.” The boxer knows this same thing, who had to put a couple of conditions on his daughter to be able to go out on the box.

Julio Cesar Chavez traveled to Mexico City to accompany his daughter Nicole upon admission to the program. When he met with the press at the AICM, he said he had a mixture of emotions, because he is not very happy with the idea, but he is happy because of the joy of his offspring. The athlete revealed that between his wife and his little girl they practically twisted his arm so that he would accept.

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Julio César Chávez sets conditions for his daughter

Julio Cesar Chavez assured that being the youngest contestant of “The House of the Famous” it will be a nice experience for your daughter Nicole, something that will serve her in life and more in her goal, which is to be an actress. With the media pressure and the concern that any parent would have in the face of possible imminent danger, he only had to give her his blessing and a couple of conditions for her to participate:

“The advice I gave her is that no kisses, no you know because then I’ll take her out. I’m going for her,” he said between laughs in front of the microphone of the entertainment program. Nicole Chávez will share space next to Paty Navidad, Aylín Mujica, Aleida Núñez, Arturo Carmona, Rey Grupero, Juan Rivera, Aristeo Cázares, among others no less important.

“Since I had the dream of studying acting, I had the illusion of one day working for @telemundo and today, thank God, that day came to me that I used to see as far away. I invite you all to see my short or long journey through #LaCasaDeLosFamosos3 ?? I am going to enjoy like never before and take advantage of this opportunity to the million!” Was the message that Nicole Chávez published on her Instagram account.

Nicole Chávez has the dream of becoming an actress (Photo: IG @ nicolechavez98)


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Julio César Chávez: this was the condition that he put on his daughter Nicole to appear in The House of Famous