Juana Viale hit Mirtha Legrand’s lunches again

Juana Viale fails to overcome the low audience ratings that his program, having lunch with Joanmarks Sunday afternoons in direct competition with The Rock of Morfi. The cycle that bears his name began complicated in relation to audience measurements and from the production they would not find a way to pull it off.

Viale On October 16, it received Charly Alberti, Guillermina Valdés, María O’Donnell, Charlotte Caniggia and Juan Minujín as guests, who elaborated on their work projects, the reality of the country and also discussed personal issues. Although the difference between The sorrow Y Having lunch this time it was not as noticeable as in other broadcasts, the cycle led by Jey Mammón took more than one point of difference from that of Juana Viale.

After 2:00 p.m., the program phone founded by Gerardo Rozín scored 6.1 points, while its competition achieved 4.2. The passage of time did not favor Marcela Tinayre’s daughter, since around 3:00 p.m. Having lunch He had 4.3 points and Mammón, 5.3.

The Jey Mammón cycle had as guests Miguel Conejito Alejandro, Los 4 De Córdoba, Nito Mestre, Yoel Hernández, Chio, Gilda’s sonin a broadcast that was dedicated to mothers in their day.

The strong statements of Gilda’s son in La Peña de Morfi

One of the most impressive moments of the program phone It was when Chio, Gilda’s youngest son, talked about the death of his mother and sister and how that event impacted his life. “I am 34 years old, I consider myself, and I am in a very beautiful moment of my life because I was able to go through a lot and today I am here. Let it be clear that I am here today for myself. I do it for myself. It is to recognize me, to meet me again, “singer Chio began his discharge, in dialogue with Jey Mammón.

“I lost that baby, who witnessed that hard moment, was forgotten. I had to get by by closing doors and shutters. There I left this baby locked up and I also locked up recognizing myself as ‘son of'”, continued the musician. And he concluded: “At the time I dragged myself to pain for everything that was lived and for what I lost along the way.”

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Juana Viale hit Mirtha Legrand’s lunches again