‘Joker 2’: Lady Gaga Confirmed as Harley Quinn in Joaquin Phoenix Movie

Yesterday we learned that ‘Joker 2’ will arrive in 2024, today Lady Gaga confirms the rumors about her participation in the film with Joaquin Phoenix

The rumors ended up being true: Lady Gaga will appear in the new prince of crime movie, Joker 2, announced yesterday for release on April 10, 2024. And who will she be? It is not necessary to look for more of her, because the rumors that placed her as Harley Quinn seem to be true with the official announcement that the singer and actress has posted on her social networks. The first time we see someone other than Margot Robbie in a DC fan favorite.

Judging by your image, and this is mere theory, the gossip that Joker: Folié a Deuxwill it be a musical or a hybrid with many sick numbers by Gotham’s most touched criminals and enemies of our esteemed bat (Ben Affleck and Robert Pattinson) in the DCEU. The couple of clowns come out dancing, in the form of silhouettes and shadows, to confirm the beginning of a love relationship that will turn into emotional torture.

It should be remembered that this tape is not part of the DCEU or the universe Batman of Matt Reeves, I mean, we’re talking about a three earth, referencing the DC Comics multiverses. In this way we would be talking about a new origin told by Todd Phillips, the director of this psychotic sequel to Arthur Fleck, who will be remembered at his most insane point at the end of Joker, after causing chaos in Gotham.

A few days ago we had an approach to how the also protagonist should look like of A star is born, the movie he put together with Bradley Cooper, by our friend Bosslogic, everyone’s favorite illustrator and the one who would have to hire Marvel Studios to design the appearances of his characters. But Kevin Feige does a lot to beg and, at most, has given him jobs for Imax posters and sketches for a few movies.

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Compared to the Harley of James Gunn and David Ayer, that of the DCEU and The Suicide Squad, Phillips would have given an important step to the adaptation of the best comic of the Joker’s lover, Harleen, from the writer and artist Stjepan Sejic. It totally fits with the darkness of the film and the psychologically unstable situation of this pair of antagonists. Well, it is a graphic novel published under the DC Black Label label, the most violent of the entire publishing house.

If you remember the end of the tape, Arthur has murdered his psychiatrist and turned Arkham Asylum into a real madhouse. We imagine that Todd will lead a new therapist, Dr. Harleen Quinzel, who will fall obsessed with him after interviewing him as part of a medical project.. Chatting with more prisoners, we can expect interesting cameos from Batvillains that we didn’t expect to see. The obsession escalates to levels of fantasy, dark, romance and all kinds of feelings that make her fall into the arms of the prince of crime, and at the mercy of a history of abuse. Totally what happens in the mentioned comic.

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‘Joker 2’: Lady Gaga Confirmed as Harley Quinn in Joaquin Phoenix Movie